Linview - Software Defined Storage for Mission Critical Applications
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Chad Serino

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AlphaBravo (AKA: Rescue Rover LLC)

47 All Saints Street
Frederick, MD 21701
   (202) 420-9736
Location: Single
Congr. District: 06
County: Montgomery

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Contract Number: FA8649-20-P-0208
Start Date: 12/12/19    Completed: 12/12/20
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AlphaBravo offers software clustering and Disaster Recovery company specializing in data replication - including persistent block storage. For the management of storage volumes of Linux clusters, AlphaBravo has developed a tool called LINVIEW - which works with Kubernetes, Proxmox, OpenNebula, and OpenShift environments. LINVIEW automates deployment of storage volumes, including replicated volumes. It is the perfect puzzle piece for higher-level management frameworks. Some examples of this include enterprise virtualization solutions, cloud-management systems, and storage target software.

Phase II

Contract Number: FA864920C0289
Start Date: 7/8/20    Completed: 9/8/21
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Cybersecurity is the backbone of the Air Force and the Air Force is cyber attacked an estimated one million times on a daily basis. According to various Air Force officials, the Air Force “did not ensure that cybersecurity was integrated into weapon systems during design. Instead, weapon systems’ cybersecurity was addressed through a set of activities and products that were not fully integrated, creating overlaps and gaps in the program cybersecurity.” AlphaBravo’s solution secures, hardens and employs a zero-trust model (Service Mesh) in a DevSecOps Software Factory and Production Environment. Also, AlphaBravo is architecting a container and microservices- based distributed enterprise platform to support Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. In addition, the DOD has mandated the use of Kubernetes, an open-source container-orchestration system used on the cloud, throughout its agencies, under the DoD Enterprise DevSecOps Initiative, in hopes of scaling agile, open-source software development framework across the military. This will apply security at all phases of the software lifecycle. This initiative is based on the successful work the Air Force has done with DevSecOps software. The Air Force chief software officer stated “leveraging industry acquisition best practices combined with centralized contract vehicle for DevSecOps tools and services will enable rapid prototyping, real-time deployments and scalability.” This effort has been applied to 29 weapon systems with a goal of reaching 172 by next year. AlphaBravo will minimize software downtime, increase cybersecurity and provide high quality storage. AlphaBravo provides readily accessible data storage for mission critical, real time data streams as it relates to containers, Kubernetes, and DevSecOps pipelines. AlphaBravo provides the only unified and consistent interface with full application monitoring metrics, resource tracking and alerting for the storage subsystem. AlphaBravo allows services to recover from hardware and software failures automatically, often within seconds. This feature alone can save agencies hundreds of hours. The solution also en