Lock-in Elimination
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Joe Conway

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ADDX Corporation

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Contract Number: FA8649-20-P-0704
Start Date: 3/9/20    Completed: 6/9/20
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Lock-in Elimination: Reducing complex cloud migration risk by decoupling customized applications through API externalization Lock-in is when you cannot escape the environment you have grown around oneself. Many, including the USAF have found themselves in Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) lock-in. Software from a variety of vendors such as Oracle, SAP and SalesForce all build into each release the customer’s specific business functions (ex. pay scales and benefit rules). When you build customization specific to your needs inside a core product you lock yourself into that specific release. The scale for measuring upgrading process time is measured in years, with the costs associated for the lengthy lift, and the operational risks from all the complexity involved. Lock-in Elimination will take your customizations outside the core system and make them externally connected via cloud-native application programming interfaces (APIs). They never have to be re-generated but updated over time as user needs may change: Time Efficiency Cost Efficiency Risk reduction The core system can transition to a hybrid environment or onward to a cloud solution and upgrades thereafter in upgrade cycles measured in months not years. You can build and bolster your human resources, authoritative data sources, and enterprise architectures with the freedom to never lock yourself in again. Release to release COTS ERPs require re-generation of user specific customizations that take: Time to complete customer re-generation, delaying upgrades Funds for resources and materials Risk to operations with the amount of changes per upgrade Risk to operations with likelihood of having to jump upgrades because pace was not maintained for iterative releases Performance of an on premises system vice the cloud Lock-in Elimination is agnostic and solves a government and industry shared dilemma in IT modernization. So it took very little time for Addx to find the first tangible use case for our solution. We have a signed letter of support, a first stem in establishing a transition path, from the USAF Life Cycle Management Center Business and Enterprise Systems Directorate. With this customer identified we submit this proposal to expand discussion of our Lock-in Elimination project

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