Photonic Quantizer for Use in Photonic Analog to Digital Converters (pADCs)
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Yan Lui

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MagiQ Technologies Inc

11 Ward Street Suite 300
Somerville, MA 02143
   (617) 661-8300
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Congr. District: 07
County: Middlesex

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Contract Number: FA8650-19-P-1868
Start Date: 1/31/19    Completed: 1/31/20
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Analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) are ubiquitous, critical components of modern information technology. ADCs convert analog signals such as radar, communication, astronomy and geo-science sensing into digital format, which can be easily processed by computer, FPGA or DSP. Limited by many electronic constraints, traditional ADCs cannot work well in a high frequency regime.In this proposal, MagiQ technologies Inc. will provide a photonic quantizer for high speed pADC. Our photonic quantizer will be fabricated on a monolithic wafer by integrated photonic circuit (IPC) technology with these unique advantages: optical 0/1 output; fast quantizing speed to tens Gs/s; low quantized value to 10W, simple structure to obtain high ENOB to ten bits on the same wafer (InP); low operating power to 10mW per bit; intrinsic logic NOT and XOR property.In Phase I, we will study the photonic quantizer for RF/microwave applications. The proof-of-concept bench-top module has been made by an SOA and passive fiber components, that can build the quantizer and logic circuit for a pADC. We will demonstrate the feasibility of the key components and provide the design for further work in Phase II.Photonic quantizer,threshold value,Photonic ADC (pADC),integrated photonic circuit,monolithic,

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