Commercial Solutions for Weather Forecasting
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Robert Lancaster III

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Adaptive Systems LLC (AKA: ASLLC)

1155 Kelly Johnson Bealuvard
Colorado Springs, CO 80918
   (719) 510-6950
Location: Single
Congr. District: 05
County: El Paso

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Contract Number: FA9453-19-P-0566
Start Date: 1/7/19    Completed: 1/7/20
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General Aviation (GA) accounts for ninety four percent of all aviation accidents with weather being the most lethal factor.Studies have shown these accidents arise because pilots have difficulty screening out non-essential data, focusing on key facts, and correctly evaluating weather related risks.Adaptive Systems LLC has developed a novel framework called WISE: the Weather Intelligence Support Environment that directly addresses this problem by incorporating terrestrial weather for impact analysis and provides enhanced decision support for environmental situational awareness.In addition to addressing an industry wide problem in GA, there are obvious applications for military use as commanders at all levels today are in need of actionable weather intelligence that maximizes operational effectiveness, minimizes risk to personnel, and preserves critical assets vulnerable to rapidly changing and adverse weather conditions.Our proposed technology integrates agent-based theory, machine learning, microservices architecture, event-driven architecture, and modeling & simulation techniques to deliver risk assessments on positioned assets, geographic regions, and operations against current and future environmental conditions.Autonomous Agents,machine learning,weather effects,weather resiliency,environmental situational awareness

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