Flexible, Expandable Architecture for Next Generation GPS
Award last edited on: 5/26/2015

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James R Wertz

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Microcosm Inc

4940 West 147th Street
Hawthorne, CA 90250
   (310) 219-2700
Location: Single
Congr. District: 43
County: Los Angeles

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Microcosm proposes a new GPS architecture that is both flexible and expandable to be able to adapt to advancing technology and changing needs, such as the need to work in the presence of man-made interference, challenging terrain, or urban canyons. Specifically we propose is a system consisting of a constellation similar to the current half-GEO constellation (possibly with fewer spacecraft) combined with two sets of very low cost, low Earth orbit (LEO) satellites -- one in a prograde, moderate inclination orbit and one in a retrograde orbit at the supplementary inclination (180 deg minus the prograde inclination). Combining the potential for extensive on-board and user-equipment processing, asymmetric coverage, spot beams for local signal enhancement, and the intelligent use of external information (as done with smartphones), the system can provide: Substantial reduction in sustainment cost Enhanced signal security Greater robustness Reduced time to first fix Enhanced accuracy Enhanced performance in"urban canyons"Reduced jammer susceptibility In addition, the system can be easily modified or expanded to meet evolving needs and capabilities. Phase I will quantify the expected cost and performance and create an implementation plan for creating"GPS for the 21st century."


If fully implemented, systems derived from the proposed research will be"GPS for the 21st century"; providing a PNT service which is lower cost, more capable, and designed flexibly to accommodate both advancing technology and changing needs.

Potential Commercial Applications:
Multiple commercial applications are possible including military and civilian systems and commercial systems such as autonomous vehicle navigation, package delivery, cargo monitoring, and item/personnel tracking.

GPS, precision track

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