Retrofittable Tactical Head Up Display (RTHUD)
Award last edited on: 1/26/2016

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Jeremy Fisher

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Adastral LLC

4801 Pacer Way
Flower Mound, TX 75028
   (214) 717-3431
Location: Single
Congr. District: 26
County: Denton

Phase I

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Adastral is proposing an innovative approach to the development of a low cost retrofittable head up display. We have designed a optical system with a minimal number of elements that can readily be reconfigured to fit multiple cockpits without modifying the core optical elements. It meets the requirement to reduce power space and cooling by 25% compared to current HUDs. Our Phase I study will survey the available state of the art in HUDs and components, and will match the modular design to the required cockpits. We will also study the fit into the cockpits to maximize the available field of view and at the same time match the required eye motion box and other specific airplane cockpit requirements. This will include matching any collimation and bird strike specific requirements.

This modular HUD will fit a low-cost HUD into the full range of tactical aircraft, with a significant improvement in reliability, and a reduction in acquisition and life cycle costs.

Phase II

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