Hyperspectral Triple Band Imager and Analysis System
Award last edited on: 3/9/2007

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Peter J Kannam

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Advanced Device Technology Inc

4 Raymond Avenue Suite 5
Salem, NH 03079
   (603) 894-1402
Location: Single
Congr. District: 02
County: Rockingham

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Advanced Device Technology Inc., in collaboration with University of Arizona, proposes to develop Hyper-Spectral Triple Band Imager and Analysis System using QWIP Focal Plane Arrays. The innovative features of the instrument are: 1) High Density QWIP Focal Plane on Low Cost GaAs Substrate. The focal plane arrays is designed with 320x240 Element QWIP array. The array size will be expanded to 640x480 element during the third phase. It is fabricated on large area (3"or 4"), low cost GaAs substrate. 2) Co-Located Triple Band (LWIR, MWIR, SWIR). The detection of LWIR (8-10um), MWIR (3-5um) and SWIR (1-3um) signals take place in the same pixel (co-located pixel). 3) Simultaneous Detection of Triple Band Signals. The Read-Out Integrated Current (ROIC) is designed for simultaneous detection of triple band signals. 4) Grating Spectral Dispersion Technique. The spectral band dispersion is achieved by grating elements which allows the design of Non-scanning Imaging Spectrometer. The system is totally free of moving parts and is rugged. 5) Computed Tomography Technique for Data Analysis. The image construction algorithm is developed using Computed Tomography technique. The instrument can register dynamic events in a snap shot mode. ADT has already designed and fabricated Triple Band QWIP arrays to cover LWIR (8-10um), MWIR (3-5um) and SWIR (1-3um) wavebands. This task was conducted for an existing Phase 2 SBIR contract entitled. "Co-Located Triple Band QWIP Focal Plane Arrays". Our team member has already designed, built and tested an Imaging Spectrometer in the 420-740 nm wave band region with 10 nm spectral resolution. A 612x512 element CCD array was used for the design. Under the proposed program, the design will be extended to Triple Wave Band (LWIR/MWIR/SWIR) regions using QWIP Focal Plane Arrays.The imaging spectrometer can be used for Automatic Target Recognition (ATR) and Automatic Target Discrimination (ATD). Imaging spectroscopy also has application for laser warning system with the potential for combined infrared/missile warning/laser warning system integration. The instrument can be used for discrimination of camouflage and high clutter over targets, chemical detection and chemical vapor imaging. The commercial applications include: medical imaging to aid in the detection and location of tumors, non-invasive method of determining oxygen level in blood, energy management tool by detecting energy losses, preventive maintenance in industrial plants,structural flaws in nuclear power plants, process control, and atmospheric research.

Triple Band, Hyper Spectral, Qwip Fpa, Grating Dispersion, Computer Tomography, Light Weight, Snap Shot Imaging, Non Scanning

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