A time difference of Arrival Blast Sensor
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Michael Zari

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A2Z Technologies Corporation

4516 Highway 20 East Pmb 210
Niceville, FL 32578
   (850) 729-3001
Location: Single
Congr. District: 01
County: Okaloosa

Phase I

Contract Number: F08635-98-C-0045
Start Date: 4/22/98    Completed: 1/22/99
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The munitions evaluation community requires an accurate measurement technique to charactize not only pressure-Vs-time traces but the blast wavefront direction as well. A2Z Technologies Corporation proposes a unique time difference of arrival appoach which measures 1) the pressure-Vs-time data, 2) the 2-D angle-of-arrival of the blast front, and 3) the blast front velocity. Given the proposed system, non-spherical and/or non-center initiated blast waves are readily characterized . Basic components of the system are muliple sensor heads, electronics modules containing amplication and TDOA circuitry, and a IEEE-488 based network of digitizers, all of which is under local computer control. During Phase I, a breadboard system will be designed and tested, include live-fire testing at Eglin AFB. At the end of the Phase I effort, breadboard testing results and prototype system design will provide a low-risk, rapid transition into prototype system development.

Development of the Time-Difference of Arrival Blast Sensor would significantly enhance the data available from arena tests of conventional warheads. In addition, the developed sensor could prove useful for industries that utilize explosives since control of the blast-induced damage is critical. Example industries are oil and mining, building and road construction, and the snow resort industry. Both military and commercial markets can be tapped with little to no product modifications.

Phase II

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