InAs/InGasb Type-II Quantum-Well Lasers
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Chih-Hsiang Lin
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We will develop high-temperature high-power mid-infrared (2-5 micron) diodes based on InAs/InGaSb/InAlSb type-II quantum wells. In pulse mode operation, we will investigate the pulse-to-pulse reproducibility with repetition rates > 50 KHz. Recently, we have demonstrated room-temperature optically pumped lasers from 2.8 to 4.5 microns based on InAs/InGaSb/InAs/AlSb type-II quantum wells. For 4.5 micron devices, lasing was observed up to 310 K, and the peak output power per facet was more than 3.65 W at 160 K and about 360 mW and 280 K. For 350 K 3.2 micron lasers, the maximum peak output power per facet was more than 260 mW at room temperature. Electrically-pumped lasers based on type-II superlattice have also been demonstrated. Since the Auger non-radiative recombination rate could be suppressed by more than two orders of magnitude using bandgap engineering, the radiative efficiency and hence power efficiency could be dramatically improved.The Phase I effort will be directed towards the demonstrations of room-temperature high-power optically-pumped lasers and high-temperature electrically-pumped laser diodes with high repetition rates.

Mir Infrared Inas/Ingasb Laser Quantum Well Mbe Countermeasure

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