MTV Builder: Evolution of a Market Sensitive CAE Tool.
Award last edited on: 6/3/2002

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Charles Plinta

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Accel Software Engineering

449 Maple Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15218
   (724) 733-8800
Location: Single
Congr. District: 18
County: Allegheny

Phase I

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The objective of this project is to extend the existing Message Translator and Validator (MTV) model's range of applicability for a variety of application areas and platforms. The MTV model is a scalable set of Ada code templates and generics that convert between external communication formats and application-specific data formats. In Phase I we will apply the Object-Connection-Update (OCU) model to the existing MTV model to create a new OCU-style MTV model. We will define typical scenarios of use in several application areas, create instances of the OCU-style MTV model based on the scenarios, and compile, execute, test, and measure the instances on a variety of platforms. We will organize the results in a final report. Application areas being explored include: command and control, training simulators, engineering design and analysis simulators, real-time embedded, and factory automation. Platforms to be used include: Macintosh, IBM, and Sun. The PRISM Program at ESC/ENS is using the existing MTV model and is interested in its commercialization. PRISM would like the model entered into the CARDS library as a "preferred product" to support the PRISM/CARDS efforts to establish a command center store for engineering command centers. This proposal begins that commercialization effort.

Phase II

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Most systems, regardless of the application area, must interface with other systems and devices. This interface problem has traditionally been solved in new and unique ways on each project. In Phase I, Accel applied the Object-Connection-Update (OCU) architectural style to the Message Translation and Validation (MTV) model and demonstrated the feasibility of solving this interface problem in a consistent model-based fashion for several application areas and platforms. In Phase II Accel will extend and completely develop the foundation technology, the ADA-based OCU-style MTV model. This model will be integrated into Accel's MTV Builder tool. The tool will provide domain experts the ability to easily solve MTV problems for an application by enabling them to specify message and application data formats, generate ADA code automatically, and integrate the code into applications via a single ADA interface package per message. The technical objectives include: Define MTV Builder Product Specification Mature OCU-style MTV Technology Integrate OCU-style MTV into Accel's prototype MTV Builder Demonstrate Application of Tool and Technology Explore Diversifying OCU-style MTV Technology Research and Develop Test Case Generation Explore MTV Builder Extension to a General Tool to Support all PRISM GCCA Models