IntraMicron Inc
Business Identifier: microfibrous technology to enhance catalytic, sorptive, and filtration processes
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IntraMicron Inc, spun-out of Auburn University, develops Microfibrous Media Technology, a highly-porous, sintered, nonwoven support structure capable of entrapping catalysts, sorbents, and other desirable materials in a fixed-fluidized bed configuration. Microfibrous media can be made of polymers, ceramics, glasses, metals, and alloys by IntraMicron's wet-lay and sintering process. The material selected for the microfibrous matrix depends on the desired application. Polymers are typically used for low cost applications while ceramic/glass fibers are best for highly corrosive environments. Metal and alloy microfibers are ideal for cases where enhanced heat and/or electrical conductivity are desired. Sintering is a necessary step to stabilize the microfibrous structure by mechanically welding its component fibers. In the case of metal microfibrous media, this sintering step also puts the metal fibers in intimate thermal and electrical contact, enhancing the media's electrical and thermal properties. IntraMicron specializes in tailoring the structure and properties of sintered composite media to enhance its properties for catalytic, electrochemical, sorptive, and filtration processes including Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis, CO oxidation, steam-methane reforming, gas-phase desulfurization, liquid-phase desulfurization, cathode air filtration, and high-efficiency HVAC filtration. IntraMicron also has significant experience with system-level integration and optimization from their collaborative work with Auburn University and Ceramatec on various SOFC and Fischer-Tropsch synthesis projects. IntraMicron would like to collaborate with other business partners to facilitate the further commercialization of our unique technologies.

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Synergistic Combinations of New Materials & Systems for Scalable Desulfurization of Distributed Biogas Resources
Analysis & Adaptation of Advanced Fischer Tropsch Catalyst Structures and Resulting BOP Reductions to Fulfill Future Navy Fuel Needs