Yes Technologies Inc
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Previously located in Bozeman, MT, YES Technologies, also known as Yellowstone Environmental Science, Inc. (YES ) is focused to enhancing public health and protecting the environment. The firm has issued patents and patent applications in the fields of expert support systems, flow metering, pressure sensing, in-situ pipeline rehabilitation, environmental biotechnology (biohydrometallurgy and hazardous waste bioremediation) and various child-resistant products. YES has developed and distributes a videotape on childhood poisoning prevention. The firm also owns copyright-protected software in the fields of infrastructure management, invention disclosure and multimedia creation.

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Anaerobic bioprocess for liberating gold and silver from sulfidic ores
Cyanide-Free Biocatalyzed Leaching of Gold and Silver Ore
Expert System for Recombinant DNA Invention Disclosure
Anaerobic respirometer for bioremediation process design
Interactive wellness software for adult cancer patients