Malibu Research Associates Inc
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Malibu Research offer its unique capabilities and experience in the design, analysis, and simulation of radar systems to military agencies and government prime contractors. Malibu’s first contract involved the baseline definition and system specification for US Army Artillery and Mortar Location System known today as the Firefinder. As the radar and the communications worlds were changing from analog to digital processing, many systems were limited due to shortcomings in antenna performance. Malibu Research applied their talents to address the new opportunities by offering novel antenna and system solutions. A number of patented solutions have become the foundation of our present day antenna hardware capabilities. One example is our FLAPS™ technology where a flat or conformal surface is designed to behave electromagnetically as though it is a parabolic reflector. Antennas using our FLAPS™ technology provide light-weight, low-windloading, simple deployment, packaging ease, polarization control and low recurring price for customers applications. Today over 85% of Malibu Research’s sales are related to integrating antenna systems. The company has 3 groups: Telemetry Systems, Advanced Products Group and Radar Antennas & Simulators. Our technology spans from 1 to 100 GHz and includes both conventional and proprietary solutions in the following categories: • Edge and Tilt FLAPS™ scanning antennas, • Millimeter phased and slotted array antennas for seeker applications. • Conformal phased arrays. • Specialized Radar Antennas and system design • Radar Environmental Simulators • Stabilized shipboard tracking antennas capable of holding satellite lock in sea state 5. • Man portable tactical satellite tracking terminals that exhibit: low windloading, compact design, weigh less than 45 lbs and offers rapid deployment. • Turnkey Telemetry systems for fixed and portable applications.

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