3-One-2 LLC
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3-ONE-2, LLC was founded in 2001 as a joint venture with Kanthal AB (a Sandvik subsidiary), Sweden, by Drs. Tamer El-Raghy and Michel Barsoum who were the first to fabricate single phase and bulk samples of Ti3SiC2 and other MAX phases. The founders are the inventors of more than 10 patents related to the remarkable ternary carbides and nitrides. El-Raghy and Barsoum are recognized worldwide for their research and development on these remarkable materials. They have published over 100 journal papers on MAX Phases. A paper in layman's terms was published in American Scientist. 3-One-2 LLC specializes in developing and supplying Ti3SiC2(Titanium Silicon Carbide) as well as other remarkable ternary machinable carbides and nitrides (MAX Phases, a.k.a. MAXTHAL[tm]). Because the company uses its patented processes, it can deliver what no one else can; different shapes and sizes

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MAXTHAL®: A Novel Material for Lightweight, High-Temperature, Low-Cost, Non-Rotating Turbine Engine Components