Big data is the art and science of amassing and combing through vast amounts of information for insight that aren't apparent on a smaller scale
"Big Data chips away at cost".
Vipal Monga. WSJ, July 1, 2014

Most commonly used in Sports settings - think baseball - the term 'Statsreferences the systematic process of data  compilation relevant to a particular field of endeavor.
   Quality analytical tools and careful definition of relevant types of Stats - also as in baseball - can support a useful and sometimes powerful range of strategy development and relevant business decisions.
    In fact, through the vehicle of idi's flagship activity -  the ASSET system - this is the business-use to which we put our sophisticated systems:  enabling effective working relationships between Tech Seekers interested in accessing specific SBIR talent and the appropriately qualified SBIR-STTR involved firms.

No-Cost Site Registration:
more than just the numbers

As we have for now more than two decades, we continue at no-cost to make available to the general SBIR Community needing 'Basic SBIR Data', those aspects of these systems organized primarily around Awards Data and Numbers count: how many awards; dollar totals; breakdown by agency, by year, by state or size of firm; conversions rates etc.
Important supplementary benefits to No-Cost Site Registration:
As part of that No-Cost Site Registration, we make available
  • Various charts and graphs - most built on-the-fly and anchored in the most current data - providing useful, and often valuable, insight into how the SBIR-STTR programs are actually working for an individual small firm or in a defined group of Awardees.
  • A secure area on the Site in which such Users can store, retrieve and manage Saved Searches

Depending on the form of SBIR-STTR connection, those wanting more than is provided in the No-Cost Site use access have very different needs.  To that end we have put together Packages of Service that cost-effectively and - to some extent - can be customized to meet those varying needs.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss what type of
Paid Subscription might make the most sense for you.

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Comprehensive data compilation since 1983:
Part of the small group that had created the SBIR program and long-time SBIR advocate since then, from soon after passage of the original SBIR enabling legislation making the program government-wide, we began systematically to keep the SBIR record.  Begun simply as a searchable Awards database initially offered as a Bulletin Board in the nineteen eighties and almost certainly the first to offer a comprehensive overview of the SBIR Program in a single system, for many years the several early iterations of this website have been a (the) primary source for just about everyone of complete, and always most current, listing in a single system of every SBIR-STTR award and awardee.

In the SBIR context and for our own business purposes, the effort is similarly to use our long-time, systematic compilation of SBIR data -- all awards and, importantly, extensive information indicating the technology and business condition of all awardees -- to examine trends, clusterings and apparent anomalies that can provide

  • useful indication of how the Program is working in various contexts - by agency, by state, and industry segment and
  • along with powerful insight to the individual small firm on how they might effectively manage their SBIR involvement to engage and access the resources they need
  • and of the extensive analyses of what was going on in the program that were possible when we had these massively sophisticated systems and had developed the tools to slice and dice that data to make it powerful. business actionable information
Perhaps ironically, though systematic data compilation is at the core of what we do,  we were never actually in the 'business' of providing/selling data or analyses and still less of helping small firms get SBIRs.  Nonetheless, even many of those who knew us well never quite understood that. For Members of Congress, the Executive branch, agencies, states, analysts, academics, the media and lots of small firms etc we were the go-to source for what they needed: Data ... and a few of them even paid us.

As the technology and the tools became available, our systems evolved to include comprehensive data not only on every SBIR-STTR award but exquisitely detailed information about the business and technology condition and relevant capabilities of every awardee. Particularly in the many political battles that have had to be fought, the very powerful analyses that these systems make possible, we have usually been directly on the front-line and/or providing the data they need to others similarly involved.

Searchable awards data is now widely available:
In the third SBIR reauthorization in 2000, since we knew many parties wanted access to awards data and believed strongly that they should have it, we put a provision in the legislation requiring the U.S. Small Business Administration to establish an agency-wide, searchable database.  It took quite a while before they got it all together but that system now exists - - Thank you Sean (Greene)!!   Additionally, over the intervening period, each agency has developed useful ways in which the external user can access the relevant data on their funded SBIR projects.

In other words, if awards and basic awardee data is what you need, you now have other places to go - but we do hope that you will find useful what is provided here and perhaps help us keep the supplementary data as complete and current as possible by
  1. Using the Wiki Profile update on your firm - or ones you know well
  2. Sending us links to Hot-off-the-Presses news items and/or Press Releases you think would be of value.