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The first word of the acronym ASSETs - Access SBIR-STTR Scientific and Engineering Talent system - defines well what we do as a company and, to a lesser extent, what this site is about. Offered by Ann Eskesen - part of the small group which originally worked on development and passage of the SBIR enabling legislation and, since then, longtime leading SBIR advocate - the ASSET System NOT at all about getting, or even managing, SBIR awards.   Nor is it about simply showcasing what the small firms has.
    Instead, the effort here is to focus on enabling the Business of Phase III.
    Engaging a systematic needs-driven, market-pull approach ... i.e. what does the buyer need - the effort is to provide the various means, the context, the tools, the resources AND the opportunity(ies) required on- and offline systematically and effectively to realize the value of what SBIR-STTR has created. What we do - on- and offline - is pro-actively to enable real business transactions and, even more importantly, through various systems and techniques, to facilitate actual working relationships between

  • those specific firms among the SBIR Community with the requisite skills-sets and capabilities the Tech Seekers need and want to use, along with the in-place IP and the products they want to buy
  • those in major and mid-sized corporations - called here Tech Seekers - wishing to identify, and needing access to, the demonstrated talent, capabilities and in-place outcomes of SBIR-involved firms
Complementary to those efforts - primary engaged offline - the listing below briefly overviews and provides - though in somewhat truncated form - for general usage by the range of persons with SBIR interest some of the resources we use off-site to support and achieve within our designated space.

Extensive listing of large and mid-sized firms across all industry segments known to have working relationship(s) with SBIR-STTR involved firms OR to be actively seeking such connections. While useful and instructive as is, we know list is not complete. Opportunity provided for input re. form/focus of working relationships not listed here.
      Forms of relationships range from simply monitoring; some product purchases; contract and/or sub-award; strategic alliances; (cross) licensing; project partnering; investment; full blown acquisition.

Lists every SBIR-involved firm from earliest through most current awardees profile access to a no-cost Basic Profile with useful indication of extent/form of SBIR participation. More comprehensive Reports (by firm) available for purchase. Opportunity to update and supplement profile - Wiki profile.
      Priority listing of firms with In-System Enhanced Profiles - common format, fully indexed mini-website supporting detailed Capability Statements and full back-to-firm access. Enhanced exposure to SBIR firms with Nutshells on file, with Product Catalog listings and/or ASSETs IP Trading involvement.

... in the States. There is considerable interest in many quarters re. how different states are varying in the SBIR-STTR dollar sweepstakes. By a number of variables, this area of the site permits search and display of these data. Not offer online - but available on request - are useful information concerning distribution within Congressional districts. We are also open to allowing those State-based SBIR Support entities who are interested to have an online office with Brass Plate in which their services etc can be posted.