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3800 Cambridge Street
Kansas City, MO 66103
(913) 945-6756
OsteoGeneX Inc
Profile last edited on: 1/25/2016
Business Identifier: Bone-building small molecule against the validated target Sclerostin.
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OsteoGeneX Inc., based in Kansas City, MO., is an early-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on becoming a worldwide leading developer and marketer of its proprietary OsteoX601. The first true oral therapeutic class of bone anabolic drugs targeting Sclerostin (SOST). Its immediate objective is to develop a first-generation small molecule therapeutic to treat moderate & severe osteoporosis. The Company is commercializing recent findings showing bone-forming osteoblasts can be modulated directly via a newly discovered ligand-receptor complex to regulate bone density in skeletal tissue. These seminal findings form the basis for OsteoGeneX's proprietary OsteoX601 Technology and its GeneX Therapeutic product platform that represents a new class of bone anabolic agents aimed at modulating the density and quality of bone for osteoporosis, skeletal fracture repair and other disorders where skeletal homeostasis is disrupted.

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