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4025 Sorrento Valley Boulevard
San Diego, CA 92121
(858) 678-0800
Lpath Inc
Profile last edited on: 1/5/2016
Business Identifier: Monoclonal antibodies for the neutralization of bioactive lipids
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Lpath Inc, formerly a subsidiary of Neighborhood Connections Inc and before that doing business as Medlyte Inc & Lpath Therapeutics Inc, is a biomedical company focused on the research and development of monoclonal antibodies that can target and neutralize bioactive lipids. Lipidomics, the study of lipids, is an emerging field of research that has identified dozens of bioactive lipids that contribute to disease. Once a disease-causing lipid is identified, the next step, generating a compound that neutralizes the relevant bioactive lipid, has proven difficult. Lpath has developed a platform technology, ImmuneY2, to generate monoclonal antibody drug candidates for two well-validated two bioactive lipid targets: S1P and LPA. The company is currently applying the ImmuneY2 technology to other bioactive lipid targets that are involved in important disease processes, such as inflammation, cancer, pain, asthma and sepsis.

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