Life Sciences in Biotech World...enabling technologies & products that
radically impact human health and well-being as well as medical practice
are fully engaged at all stages of food production and distribution
    while also being major factors in
reducing environmental footprint
providing cleaner energy & smarter resource use
making for safer, more efficient industrial manufacturing processes
Two Events in One:  Partnering and Corporate VC

Perhaps particularly in the rapidly changing world and areas of impact of the Life Sciences, there is considerable overlap between the business activities of
  • Partnering and various forms of collaborations between Large Firms in their role as Tech Seeker and the Small Firms that may involve
  • and the types of financial engagement - investment and some level of ownership - that defines Corporate Venture Capital
Most effectively to respond to those changing conditions and to make efficient use of people's time and resources, therefore, it makes good sense to tie together these two relationship-creating activities in this Ninth Annual ASSETs Forum.  Nonetheless, it should be stressed that
  • content focus, scheduled activities and overall emphases in these two spaces are quite distinctly different
  • and the structure and format of these two Event Components reflect those differences.
Though it is likely that the major percentage of SBIR-involved firms opting to participate in this important event will be there for the duration, a few may not (yet) be thinking in investment terms and/or are not ready to make that type of 'pitch'.  Therefore, SBIR Awardees attending this by-invitation convening have the choice of participating
EITHER only WEDNESDAY & THURSDAY  OR only FRIDAY  | OR Full Event Engagement across all 3 days. 

Wednesday-Thursday: April 23-24, 2014   Friday: April 25, 2014
...focused on Life Sciences partnering   Corporate VC Forum
In addition to the now well-proven approach to enabling effective and sustainable Tech Seeker-SBIR Awardee partnering - over $225M in transactions to date - this year's ASSETs event, to the theme … focused on Life Sciences, is expanded to a Third Day to enable the scheduling of a one-day Corporate Venture Capital Forum
  • Factoring to some some 22% of all VC transactions involving SBIR awardees, Corporate VC has been over many years a key factor in the SBIR space.
  • Our recent data - which includes tracking all VC activity among SBIR awardees - shows the major surge of Corporate VC (CVC) activity in general, as is so often the case, is mirrored among SBIR involved firms such that CVC is a factor in well over 30% of all such VC deals
Participation options:
Held in the same facilities but with the two Event Components having a certain level of specific integrity, participants - large and small players - will have the option for involvement in:
1.5 day Partnering Event ONLY Registration for BOTH programs Corporate VC Forum participation ONLY
  • As the primary mechanism which assures that the right people are in the room, participation in any ASSETs event is always by invitation through a process of careful Pre-Event Identification, Selection and Notification.
  • SBIR awardees are made aware of any particular Business Partnering opportunity based strictly on the ExPreS -based judgment by idi personnel that that firm has the demonstrated skill sets and capabilities relevant to the indicated needs and interests of the one/more participating Tech Seekers. 
    The database-driven, algorithm-activated process -
    ExPreS - Expertise Precision Sourcing
    - most assuredly is not "Crowdsourcing".
  • By careful design also, event is very small-scale - usually less than 95-100 total participation - offering all those involved extensive opportunity for formal and - the all-important - informal interaction. Speed dating this is NOT!!
Pre-Event Elements: partnering   Pre-Event Elements: VC Forum
  • If not already on file, in weeks prior to Event, participating Tech Seekers each provide idi with useful indications of their various areas of Technology Partnering interest
  • Each Tech Seeker is assigned a dedicated and secured area on Event site. With the non- proprietary descriptions provided, their TOPs - Technology Opportunity Projects - are posted in password protected area accessible only by invited SBIR awardees.
  • Primarily in a Q/A area - modled on DOD's SITIS -  opportunity for pre-event interaction is provided to those SBIR awardees who take the time to be Site Registered (no-cost).  
  • To ensure minimal at-event time is spent to address the preliminaries, each Tech Seeker is provided with customized package of relevant information on all Presenting SBIR Awardees of interest: Business Profiles, White Papers, company provided marketing materials etc
SBIR Awardee Informational elements:
  • To upgrade version of your idi prepared Business Profile, request copy of the data on your firm which we have in system and on-file. This includes SBIR-STTR all award listings and issued Patents
  • Business Prolog: a brief overview of firm - usefully thought of as written equivalent of an Elevator Pitch
  • Nutshell: prepared online by awardee to a common format. 2-3 page document to include basic company data plus extensive Company Capability Statement.
  • White Papers: also prepared online, these 2-3 page documents provide a non-proprietary overview of SBIR awardee's capabilites usually as these are relevant to particular TOP(s)
  • Electronic versions of other materials judged by the submitter as useful.
Securing your space? SBIR Awardees          
  • Access to TOPs data on event site requires Site Registration – a no-cost procedure.
  • With their decision to be Event participant, SBIR Awardees wishing to make in-session Plenary Session presentation must make online application for - and selection of – specific time-slot from among those that are available for
    --Plenary Session Nutshell presentations
    --Post presentation Private Poster Viewing
NOTE: once limited space capacity for the
Event is reached,
registration will close
  Application by SBIR-STTR Awardees for one of the strictly limited number of Presentation slots to support Raising Venture Capital
  • Presentation Request:  accepted from February 20, 2014
  • Completion of simple online Check-off request Form required from interested SBIR awardees (no-cost).  Must be received by idi ASAP
  • Application Submission: prepared online to required 2-3 page format.  Must be
    • received on/before Friday, March 28, 2014
    • along with $150.00 non-refundable Fee. For Event participants in any role, total amount of Fee applied against Event Participation cost.
  • Submission of Executive Summary (8-10 pages): distributed to Corporate VC personnel for their pre-event review, this piece MUST be in our hands not later than cob Wednesday, April 16, 2014
  • To ensure sufficient time - 20–25 minutes - for each selected SBIR Presenter to make their Working Session presentation and to argue their case, the number of Full Presentation Slots is strictly limited.
  • Process of review and selection already underway and will be ongoing throughout the submission period.
  • Slots will be assigned as decisions are made
  • Once total number of slots are filled - even if that limit is reached before Monday March 24 - application process will close.
You are VERY strongly recommended therefore NOT to run up against closing deadlines and to keep Event Organizers aware of your intent.
    In special circumstances - and on request -
to secure a slot in the ongoing Review Process a Working Copy of your Online Application - clearly so marked - along with your Application Fee may be submitted prior to the Closing Date. You will have opportunity to continuing working on the piece until the set deadline.

Start-Up clinic:
To ensure continuation of the high success rate of deals-done that has been achieved at previous Forum offerings, applicants judged by the panel of reviewers to be too-early stage to tackle full-blown presentation will instead be offered the option of participation in somewhat less rigorous - but very useful - Start–Up Clinic
At-Event focus: partnering   At-Event focus: VC Forum
Substantial Tech Seeker focus:
  • Plenary Session presentation (20-25 minutes each): In addition to overview of key Technology Needs, useful discussion by each Tech Seeker of their Corporate Partnering philosophy, types of relationships, selection criteria and procedures 
  • Roundtable working sessions: immediately following plenary presentation, a very useful group Q/A session headed by each Tech Seeker enabling further teasing out of the all-important process and procedures issues
  • Full participation in all Event components
Small firm exposure opportunities
  • Plenary session Nutshell presentations: offered in groups of 7-8 with each Awardee assigned FIVE minutes per.  Audio-taped with post-event edit option
  • Private Poster Viewing: provision for interested Tech Seekers to meet Post-Presentation and in private with any Nutshell presenter whose work and ideas they found interesting. 35-40 minute time allocations.
  • In an effort to make what happens in the hallways between sessions and during breaks, entire Event Program structured to enable extensive interaction both formal and informal
  Primary focus on Awardees seeking Equity Financing:
  • Pre-event review and feedback for Awardees selected for at-event full blown presentation.
  • Useful pre-event alerts to participating Corporate VC about awardees selected for presentation slots.  Provision of various additional background materials on firms judged to be of likely interest 
  • Designated Poster/Workspace area
  • Plenary session FOUR minute pitch : 3-4 slides 4-5 candidate panels
  • 20-25 minutes full blown pitch:  scheduled in one of THREE-FOUR concurrent groupings involving 4-5 small business presenters hosted by one/more experienced VC players. 
  • Participating Corporate VCs will have the option of moving from one working session to another to listen to various Presenters of particular interest.
Scheduled Start-Up Clinics: opportunity for much earlier staged, less experienced awardees to make brief overview presentation of their developing Financing Pitch in a less intimidating smaller group session. Each will receive what is often very useful input from experts in the field re. how to hone that approach and to increase likelihood of downstream success.
Content sessions:
  • Thought-provoking analytical presentations
  • Interactive working sessions
  • Content-rich unscripted discussions in Talk Show format
  • Clinics
  • Interviews and Case studies
ASSETs events are not ever designed as Podium-to-Audience affairs.
     Professional support personnel with considerable practical expertise in their space are fully event-involved but primarily as resources for the high-contact, in-depth, working sessions.  Specifically, carefully woven into the fabric of this Working Event are a range of high-quality Content sessions designed to engage their expertise in addressing some of complex practical issues of enabling effective external relationships.
     With emphasis on enabling sustainable ASSET initiated collaborations, in this context emphasis is placed on the conduct and management of the Tech Seeker- Small firm relationship AFTER the hand-shakes all around and ink has dried
Partnering of all stripes have high-failure rates
... and it is almost never because the technology didn't work!
Content session focus: partnering
  • Examining factors driving Major and mid-Sized Corporations towards engaging external talent
  • Understanding technology partnering from the Tech Seeker's perspective
  • Factors which drive the type of deal
  • Dealing with IP issues in a collaborative deal
  • Post SBIR reauthorization: associated regulation implications
  • Accounting for Uncle Sam's money
  Content session focus: VC Forum
  • Extent and form of VC activity in SBIR
  • Corporate VC: radically changing role
  • Trends in US VC activity: geographic distribution and by-industry focus
  • Strategic partnerships: Let's make a deal
  • Aligning your business development strategies to those of your Investors
  • Understanding the terms of the deal
Post-Event resources:
  • As a complement to the face-to face interaction of Event ..focused on will also include Bidder's Meetings for private-sector funded version of SBIR – iP3 Spring 2014 Solicitation.  Post-event, this activity will continue on Event Website
  • The secured, on-system SMART offices - SBIR Management:  Assets Resource Tracking - assigned to each event participating Tech Seekers and Small firms remain fully functional for several weeks post–event for use as each see fit.
  • All Event Presentations are audio-taped and - with permission of Presenters - can be made available to Event Participants.
  • idi personnel and professional associates are available as required for post-event assistance.