Offered by longtime SBIR advocate Ann Eskesen – part of the group that originally created SBIR - opportunity to participate in this highly-effective, different approach Capital Access Event is entirely by-invitation and open ONLY to SBIR-involved firms.
Objective: enabling access to existing - and new - sources of Growth Capital needed       now for effective program participation, this focused Event Participation supports
  • Effective pre-event profiling of SBIR Presenters for participant Funding Sources: often substantive
  • Analysis of extent and outcomes for Funding Source of previous SBIR involvement: often attention grabbing
  • Useful discussion of considerable Value-Added to partners of that SBIR-involvement condition
Consistent with today's much changed and changing world of Capital Access, Priority Invitation List for this Event includes
  • Full complement of Capital Sources with investment in two or more of the 733 SBIR-STTR Awardees which are both VC-funded and currently program-involved:  a total of 1025 entities, of which 101 are Corporate VC
  • Several Tech Seekers - Large and Mid-Sized Corporations with whom we already work and having a strong SBIR presence and interest but not - so far - a formal Corporate VC capability
  • VC sources with no previous SBIR engagement
  • Various other players representative of important new sources of Growth Supporting funds
Analysis of the achieved outcomes of SBIR-involved firms in their portfolios by those Capital Sources having
  • The 'traditional' Venture Capital business model of financial Return on Investment through liquidity event - IPO or M&A
  • or the strategic drivers of Corporate involvement
suggest clearly that effective SBIR involvement has had positive - even significant - impact. 
   The fact of this positive impact and - importantly - how to leverage the SBIR Value Factor is unknown to many involved and understood (and managed) by even fewer.
Your Event involvement could change that!

Who will participate – and benefit from involvement - in this
different approach to supporting a carefully selected, well-prepared
group of SBIR Awardees in their quest for Capital Access
Those SBIR Awardees
  • Wanting to join the ranks of the almost 12 percent of SBIR-involved firms already VC funded....and/or some of those in that 12 percent looking for their own next round
  • Understanding the importance of knowing how effectively to leverage the extent and form of their SBIR involvement
  • Needing to establish relevant  business and financial connections to complement continued access to SBIR funding
  • Seeking the all-important collaborations and partnerships that underpin access to market(s) and support growth
While at the same time also
  • gaining a better understanding of the actual deal-making process: e.g. meaning of the terms involved
  • getting a useful and realistic handle on trends in the new landscape of Capital Access
  • better then then to position themselves to take advantage these new and developing options
Those players in the business, financial and corporate communities
  • Who seek - and understand the continuing value of - first look and capacity to monitor emerging and potentially disruptive technologies
  • Who appreciate the potential value of exposure to platform technologies having cross-industry application
  • Who find useful getting a handle on technology-funding trends: new areas of concentration; differing techniques of engagement
  • Who understand the important business advantage of effective engagement of non-core SBIR capabilities
  • Who appreciate the sometimes considerable value of  simple interaction with, and monitoring of, up-and-coming technical talent
        .. and let's not forget the all-important ROI
  • Who have already benefited from important project de-risking and non-dilutive value-enhancement that comes from continuing SBIR dollar access by firms in their portfolio
  • Who have achieved sometimes better-than- good returns on previous SBIR investment(s)
 .... OR who are new to this space and just want to join the ranks of all of the above
The SBIR Advantage®
With supporting detail offered elsewhere on this site, the data shows that from the very earliest days of SBIR, Venture Capital has been a continuing and strong presence. Though the world of Capital Access in 2014 is very different in IMPORTANT ways, it is still the case that being effectively SBIR-involved can give an important competitive edge to a quality small firm needing to raise money.   At a time when
  • funding agencies are requiring SBIR Applicants to offer (too) early evidence of how the project will move to the use-condition of Phase III
  • and when the overwhelming percentage of VC flowing into SBIR awardees involves firms already VC funded before they became SBIR Involved
it has perhaps never been more important that those starting from their SBIR-developed technology base. know how to exercise their SBIR Advantage®
  Raising Capital in the Current Environment: new sources and changed agendas
After a several year hiatus, Capital Investment is once again a Top-of-the-Hour lead-in story and front-page news. Today "Raising Capital" is the subject of extensive on-line discussion and even - who would have ever thought! - the theme of a frequently aired TV reality show.
     There is talk of a 'Tech Bubble' - likely to have similar adverse SBIR impact as the version did. For those in the SBIR world, however, the issue organizes around two critical factors.
  • How - in key agencies - the extent of their SBIR involvement is in part dependent on their ability to access external resources to move their technologies through the development cycle
  • How the landscape which defines the world of Capital Sources and Access is radically changed.
Preparing for Presentation Challenges — the Content-rich Working sessions scheduled for Day ONE of this Event (December 9) will tackle some of these issues head-on. In the meantime, the following articles and blogs speak to some of the issues to be discussed.