TOPs: Technology Opportunity Projects

Types of White Paper (WP)
Three divisions:
White Papers submitted by interested SBIR awardees will be reviewed by the different personnel participating in the event and project representing each one of the THREE divisions of P&G Healthcare.   
     Therefore, even if your capabilities and areas of interest overlap these divisions, each set of personnel need to have received a separate White Paper from you. 
Two types of White Paper: 
General and specific
This sponsored project is grounded in examining how the corporation can effectively collaborate with particular SBIR firms to draw down on their expertise and competencies to help P&G address areas of interest that are in 5-7-10 year time horizons. In consequence, many of the listed Topics - particularly by Digestive Wellness and Respiratory - are preliminary in nature.  They are not intended as RFPs - a White Paper is not a proposal.  Similarly, as listed, several of the Topics do not lend themselves well to formal White Paper response.  Rather, some Topics are better understood as context setting discussion points - where the conversation at the event will drill down to the specifics. 
    Therefore TWO types of White Papers may be submitted

  1. Those which, where appropriate, do indeed focus on a speciifc area of interest indicated
  2. Those which focus more tho the overall technical competencies the small firm bring to the table to address a range of topics listed.

Areas of technical interest:
P&G Healthcare interests organize around the primary areas of:

Each of these Interest Areas has its own page here where the Topic titles, descriptions and, where available, any supplementary data is set out.

     To ensure there is a good technical match AND, where that is so, you actually get a formal event invitation - see discussion below re. P&G having the final say - you are actively encouraged

  • To ask clarifying questions. There is commitment that response(s) will be forthcoming from an appropriately qualified person.  All Questions and Answers will be posted for viewing by all those with issued Site Access.
  • To prepare White Papers - specific OR general as relevant to the particular Topic(s).  See discussion in box. Prepared to a common form and format in your Private Work Area, when completed these will be forwarded to the appropriate P&G personnel. For those unfamiliar with the White Paper concept as a Technical communications document - we suggest you read the White Paper discussion piece.
  • To provide useful company overview information, many applicant firms also arrange to have a Nutshell in the ASSETs system.  A Nutshell is primarily a business condition document - a two-three page document overviewing the firm:  background; technology and industry focus; IP condition; types of in-place working relationships and those sought.   Having this one-year, inexpensive relationship in place ($295.00) is not a requirement but many of the firms which are seriously interested in the types of industry connections the ASSET system provides, find this works well for them.
  • Be aware that, based on the expansive business and technical data we have on file on the firm in the proprietary databases, we prepare a Business profile on you for interested Tech Seekers - extent and form of SBIR participation, business condition, IP position etc.  NOTE:  You will always be provided a full copy of that document before it is delivered.  This pre-submission review is to enable you to update, correct, enhance, modify etc.  This is a no-cost service.