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Swiss Precision Diagnostics GmbH (SPD), is headquarted in Geneva Switzerland with an R&D facility in Bedford, UK.  The firm was formed in 2007 as a joint venture between Procter & Gamble (P&G) - the major consumer products firm and Inverness Medical Innovations (IMI), among leading providers of innovative diagnostic products in the space of women’s health, along chronic and infectious disease.
    Drawing on the complementary strength of the parent firms, SPD have the combined and complementary skills to bring the very best of diagnostic innovation into the home and to bring professional technology right to the consumers’ finger-tips for better control of their own health at home.
    SPD is currently a leading supplier of home pregnancy and fertility/ovulation tests. These are products designed to give women a better understanding of their own reproductive health and invaluable guidance in their family planning.  SPD's research interests are in the broad application of innovative technologies for use by the consumer at home.   With a strong focus on women’s health, the goal is to address the continuing supply of useful diagnostic products which are sensitive, simple and affordable.   
     Existing products include Clearblue®,  Fact plus®, Accu-Clear®, PERSONA® and Clearplan®.

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