On-Ground Travel Arrangements

Share a ride
Event participants will be arriving at similar times Sept 21 at the various travel centers - airports and trains. To enable sharing the (fairly high) cost of cabs/limo service and even car rental for trip to Event site a posting system has been set-up in the FAQ area of the site -

Feel free to use it.

Participants in the Novartis inknowvation@work® session - 34 firms made the cut - will be traveling in from all over the country and overseas.  Be aware that Parsippany NJ is NOT very convenient in that regard and almost everyone will be coming into airports and train stations that are several miles away with no easy use of less expensive, public transportation.  As an alternative to car rental, some will want to use a limo service - actually in this case less than the cost of a cab. 

As a convenience to setting that up, below are listed the TWO primary limo services used by Novartis.  Prices listed are high but reflect the Novartis discount. This will accorded to you by simply indicating the Novartis connection.  Detail of that connection are not important.  You will need to contact your choice directly and must absorb the cost. 

There is not much I can do about the very high cost of travel from and to La Guardia and JFK.  Your choices for these are a car rental or use of the public services. The latter tend to be time consuming since they take you into New York and then require you to use the train to get to Newark - where you will then have the limo cost on top.  Hardly seem worth the effort.  An alternative the share a ride with other Event Participants is indicated in the box on this page.

After the event:
It is difficult for us to arrange for group usage of these services for arrival.  However, for the return trip in the Registration Area we will offer a SignUp Sheet for those interested in

  • EITHER sharing a cab with another attendee leaving at about the same time and going to the same travel center
  • OR using the 10 Passenger Van service offered by Broadway Elite.  Even a less than 10 person pickup will represent a significant cost savings.  My staff and I, for example, (3 persons) will be traveling to Newark Pann Station to catch a 7:00PM (-ish) train back to Boston.

This should enable a fairly useful cost-savings to those involved.  As for almost all small firms. every little bit helps.

Limo/Car service rates to/from Sheraton Hotel in Parsippany, NJ
 Car Service Reservation Instructions  Direction Newark Airport Newark Train Station JFK Airport LaGuardia Airport
Empire CLS call 800-451-5466 and press #1 Either way $69.29 $87.30 $147.70 $135.21
Broadway Elite
call 973-515-8808 and press #1 To Hotel $75.53 $69.53 $170.02 $162.04
Return to Station $69.53 $63.53 $164.02 $156.04
10 Passenger Van - Either way $105.30 $102.60 $198.10 $190.05