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Novartis AG is the designated Tech Seeker for this inknowvation@work® event. However, the emphasis on this occasion is primarily to addressing the technology needs and interests of Novartis OTC - itself, along with Animal Health, being part of Novartis Consumer Health.  
Parent company profile.
Basel, Switzerland
Senior Management Daniel L Vasella
www.novartis.com NYSE/ NVS
Founded 1895 Sector Healthcare
Employment 119,418 Industry Drug Manufacturer
Extent and form of SBIR-STTR involvement
VC Entity Yes VC SBIR transactions
www.venturefund.novartis.com 30
M/A transactions 4 ASSETs Involved
Working relationships 42 Points of contact
  • Expansion below on the synopsis provided here.
  • Breakout of the data detail available on request - for fee or, by Account Holders, through point redemption.

A leader in the development, manufacture, sales, marketing and distribution world-wide of self-medication brands - those not requiring prescriptions - Novartis OTC has operations in every continent, standalone businesses in over 60 countries and distribution in over 120 countries.  Capabilities include provision of coverage across multiple channels including pharmacies, drugstores, grocery & mass channel outlets, hospitals and doctors both specialists and general practitioners.

Main Therapeutic Areas:
relevant strategic brands
With Global presence, the firm has a robust portfolio of market leading brands covering most OTC segments. Products are designed for in-home treatment and for prevention of medical conditions and ailments. to include allergy symptoms, cough and cold, and respiratory condition; digestive health, pain management as well as analgesics, skin care products, smoking cessation treatments and mineral supplements.  The main therapeutic categories addressed by Novartis OTC along with the associated, key strategic brands are

  • Allergy, Cough and cold: Comtrex, Otrivin, Tavegyl/Tavist, Theraflu and Triaminic
  • Analgesics/Pain: Excedrin, Bufferin and Voltaren
  • Dermatological and Skincare: Desenex, Fenistill, Keri, Lamisil and Vagistat
  • Gastrointestinal and Digestive Health: Benefiber,  Ex-Lax, Gaviscon, Gas-X, Maloxx, Prevacid, Slow Fe
  • Smoking cessation: Nicotinell (patch), Nicotine gum and Nicotine lozenge

Through a concerted external outreach effort to include extensive reach-in to, and engagement of,  the capacities and capabilities of the SBIR community, Novartis OTC is particularly focused to building on a strong record of Rx-to OTC switches and new product developments,  These range from simple line extensions to achievement of industry firsts in new technologies and superior delivery systems.

Novartis AG has a long established history of working in successful partnerships with numerous technology and development companies around the world. Such partnerships have led to novel product offerings in the firms leading brands including the first launch of an edible thin film product for systemic drug delivery. Development experience also covers a wide range of dose forms including oral, orodispersible, topical, transdermal patches and gels/creams and nasal sprays.

Major SBIR-STTR presence already in place:
As indicated by the data in the accompanying Table (Top Right), Novartis AG has already established a strong presence with SBIR-STTR involved firms.

  • The Novartis Corporate VC Fund has invested in THIRTY (30)  SBIR involved firms to date. 
    • Established in 1996 and functional over that entire period, thes thrity investment represent some 23% of all Novartis Venture investments having an SBIR connection
    • The extent of this involvement ranks Novartis 13th in terms of all the VC entities with SBIR-involved firms in their portfolio and 2nd only to SR One (the investment arm of Glaxo) in ranked Corporate VC Funds.
  • Novartis has acquired FOUR (4) SBIR-involved firms
  • but, perhaps even more telling, the corporation has (has had) working relationships of various types with 42 SBIR-involved firms of which we are aware. Since these are not 'reportable events', it is likely that this number is actually significantly higher.  Let us encourage those with such relationships - and not only with Novartis - to let us know.  Many larger firm personnel are often unaware of the SBIR connection in firms with which they have working relationship projects - and it has been our experience that projects of this type which went well can serve to encourage them to seek more of the same.  A win-win situation.