... about ASSETs

Grounded in powerful, privately developed, relational databases in which are systematically tracked, in exquisite detail, multiple aspects of the business and technology condition of every SBIR-STTR awardee, the first word of the acronym ASSETs - Access SBIR-STTR Scientific and Engineering Talent system - defines well what this site is about. 
     SBIR awardees - now over 19,000 firms - are arguably the largest single concentration of technical talent.  This important business development website offered by  Ann Eskesenpart of the small group which originally worked on development and passage of the SBIR enabling legislation and, since then, longtime leading SBIR advocate - is NOT at all about getting, or even managing, SBIR awards.   Nor is it about simply showcasing what the small firms has.
    Instead, the effort here is needs-driven, market-pull ... what does the buyer need? 
    By providing the context, the tools, the resources AND the opportunity(ies) required
on- and offline systematically and effectively to realize the value of what SBIR-STTR has created, the effort here is pro-actively to enable real business transactions and, even more importantly, through various systems and techniques, to facilitate actual working relationships between

  • those specific firms among the SBIR Community with the requisite skills-sets and capabilities the Tech Seekers need and want to use, along with the in-place IP and the products they want to buy
  • those in major and mid-sized corporations – called here Tech Seekers - wishing to identify, and needing access to, the demonstrated talent, capabilities and in-place outcomes of SBIR-involved firms
The listing below briefly overview each of these site capabilities 

Extensive listing of large and mid-sized firms across all industry segments known to have working relationship(s) with SBIR-STTR involved firms OR to be actively seeking such connections. 
While useful and instructive as is, we know list is not complete.  Opportunity provided for input re. form/focus of working relationships not listed here.
      Forms of relationships range from simply monitoring; some product purchases; contract and/or sub-award; strategic alliances; (cross) licensing; project partnering; investment; full blown acquisition.  

Lists every SBIR-involved firm from earliest through most current awardees profile access to a no-cost Basic Profile with useful indication of extent/form of SBIR participation. More comprehensive Reports (by firm) available for purchase.  Opportunity to update and supplement profile - Wiki profile. 
      Priority listing of firms with In-System Enhanced Profiles - common format, fully indexed
mini-website supporting detailed Capability Statements and full back-to-firm access. Enhanced exposure to SBIR firms with Nutshells on file, with Product Catalog listings and/or ASSETs IP Trading involvement

Area set up to enable and support sophisticated on- and offline Trade Booth-type business activity both by SBIR-involved firms and larger players to include:
O No-cost, detailed Product Catalog postings.  Based on detail and profile of respondents, posting entity has option to buy the generated sales lead. No deal reach-in.
O Intellectual Property Trading in two formats  (1) Straight availability listing on a per-posting fee basis  (2) Sophisticated system to monetize non-core IP through private sale(s) by industry experts. Fee: percentage of transaction.

idi has a many years track-record of very effective events taking a different approach. Specialize in smaller-scale efforts carefully designed to maximize interactions between participants.  Useful Content sessions engaging leading-edge experts and employing interesting formats and powerful analyses, get past the once-over-lightly discussion of issues being addressed. Consistently rated by attendees - large and small firms alike - as among most useful meetings in which they have participated, there is a reason that we get to see some players regularly.  Increasingly popular and effective are the inknowvation@work sessions featuring a single Tech Seeker and held on their own premises.  Whether group or on-company focused sessions, rate of post event interaction leading to working relationships is substantial.  It's all about getting to the deal.

Proprietary idi developed databases arguably most comprehensive and sophisticated available - accurate and current to most recently announced awards and replete with technology and business-relevant detail.  Used by many agency personnel to monitor awardes, by large firms in role as Tech Seekers, by State support organizations and professional service providers to do their jobs; by policy investigators and economic development analysts.  Sophisticated search capability now supports set-building for direct download purchase without subscription.

Divided into Documents Room and Directories area.
O Former includes idi prepared and collected articles and analyses of all types judged of likely interest and relevance to SBIR involved firms.  System set up to permit similar submissions by others. Objective: major resource library
O Latter includes fully searchable listing of various populations of key SBIR associated players to include all Venture Capitalists; Professional Servers providers by field of speciality - Attorneys (by specialty), Accountants, State organizations; SBIR Support entities; Academic and Non-Profit Research collaborators. Brass Plated offices availalble on all limited basis.