... what did your
colleagues say?
SBIR-involved small firms Tech Seekers
   " what a superb conference!  I can't tell you how impressive and extraordinarily valuable this was for me.  You've opened doors I didn't know existed; now it's up to me to go through those doors and make the most of the opportunities."  VA SBIR awardee

"Thank you so much for last week,  I can easily say that it was the best networking event that I have ever been to."  PA SBIR Awardee

    " First, a thank you for organizing the very interesting meeting.  Judging from the length of my "to-do" list,  I have high hopes that the contacts I made ... will help me move forward with my work on sustainable technology. Not only did I enjoy meeting with the Tech Seekers, but I was also able to fruitfully exchange ideas with many of the other small businesses.  I expect to be speaking to Dr. Cleland (my USDA sponsor) shortly, and will be sure to give him a summary of the meetings and the potential outcomes for firms like ours."  SBIR Awardee, Ann Arbor,  MI

    "What a great couple of days well-spent with awardees and seekers. I'm so glad I got to know of you and what you do. Thanks to you and your team for providing this major "hidden" benefit to the SBIR program. If you need a reference for someone considering the Forum, please do not hesitate to point him/her in my direction. And, of course, I hope you'll consider inviting me in the future, in any capacity."  SBIR Awardee: Hanover, NH

      "Really appreciate your efforts, on this and everything else you are doing. The ASSETs meeting was so unique and different, I don’t think there is anything else out there like it." SBIR Awardee, Middleton, WI

       "I want to thank you for the invitation to the P&G event.  I thought it was a great event and really enjoyed it.  It was insightful to learn more about P&G and SPD, what they are looking for, and the kinds of relationships they are seeking.  It was also great meeting so many other small businesses.  I made a number of valuable contacts over the two days and had many enjoyable conversations." Boston-based SBIR Awardee

       "I would be amiss not to sincerely thank you for hosting the SBIR meeting last week.  I found it to be a high-value meeting and hope you will continue to alert us to this and similar activities in the future.....I left...with very good contacts and useful reference materials.
"  SBIR Awardee, Garrettesville, OH

   " The ASSETs approach is truly unique.  Very different - and a difference that serves us well.  I wish we'd found you earlier. We met small firms working right in our space that we probably would not otherwise know about.  Working relationships in the making." Director, External Programs, Fortune 50 corporation 

       I received valuable input from several SBIR companies. They were very pleased with the overall program and stated they had NEVER attended anything like this (and that it) was very valuable for them to hear ... from (our people)about what they want and how they make their decisions.
       Importantly, I also received very positive input from (my Tech Seeker) colleagues indicating that it had been well worth their time." 
Lead contact for inknowvation@work event run for a Fortune 50 corporation

     "Thank you for the invitation to participate in the SBIR ASSET meeting. I've got about a year's worth of follow up activities from this meeting alone.  .... found it to be a very rich source of technology opportunities! I'll keep you apprised of how things progress with the numerous leads I came away with. " 
Major Pharma Tech Scout

      "... you did an excellent job – many thanks again for all the hard work! We will follow-up with all the SBIR companies .. have already started that work today."  Project leader for major corporation, a recent
inknowvation@work® host