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TAL Materials, Inc. (TAL) is a nanotechnology company providing nanopowder-based research and development solutions to corporate customers. TAL is a commercial spin-off from the Material Science and Engineering Department of the University of Michigan's College of Engineering. TAL's unique flame spray pyrolysis (FSP) technology enables production of a wide variety of complex mixed-metal oxide nanopowders, including rare-earth oxides, in large quantities and at competitive cost. This technology allows TAL to offer innovative materials solutions to a number of vertical applications. TAL's business strategy is based on three main business propositions: Outsourced corporate R&D - TAL provides nanopowder-related research and development services to corporate customers and government agencies leveraging its unique technologies and scientific expertise. Small-to-medium scale production of high-value nanomaterials - TAL is producing unique made-to-order mixed-metal oxide nanopowders that are otherwise difficult or impossible to produce. Licensing of the technology - TAL is prepared to license its nanopowder production technologies to corporate customers and third parties for high volume production. The company's key strength is a unique flame spray pyrolysis (FSP) technology developed by Professor Richard M. Laine. This technology is protected by U.S. patents and is exclusively licensed from the University of Michigan. TAL’s FSP technology: allows TAL to custom-design mixed-metal oxide nanopowders and produce them in quantity at competitive cost scales easily (TAL has already made several process scale-ups) directly produces nanomaterials that are otherwise difficult or impossible to produce without grinding is unique in its ability to easily mix very specific levels of metal oxides such as gadolinium tantalum oxides, doped lanthanum manganates and doped iron oxides enables production of precise composition (close to PPM) mixed-, doped- or stabilized-metal oxide nanopowders lowers capital costs by using less expensive and easier-to-handle equipment. Another aspect of TAL's R&D services is the development of nanocomposites based on silsesquioxanes, a family of hybrid materials based on organic functionalization of inorganic silicon-based nanoplatforms. TAL is one of the world leaders in silsesquioxane technology. TAL's interest in developing low cost routes to higher value materials led to a unique process for producing silicon-based compounds from waste sources such as rice hull ash. This technology, which lays outside of TAL's business focus, is available for commercial development and license.

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