Hope Pharmaceuticals
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Hope Pharmaceuticals offers various pharamaceuticals to include (1) Scopace: to help prevent motion sickness, providing comfort to those prone to nausea from rough seas, turbulent flights, and bumpy drives. (2) Aminobenzoate Potassium to treat and prevent the development and progression of penile curvature associated with Peyronie's Disease. (3) Versiclear Lotion is indicated to treat Tinea Versicolor, which is a fungal infection of the skin that causes pigment loss. This product combines antifungal medicine plus skin penetrating agents for double action treatment. (4)Sal-TropineSal-Tropine indicated to help reduce excessive salivation and control drooling. DENTISTS: maintain a dry field during dental procedures with Sal-Tropine. (5) Acid Jelly indicated to treat long term vaginal inflammation which may be caused by infection with micro-organisms.

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