EyeRx Research Inc
Business Identifier: innovative treatment for dry eye
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With close ties to University of Virginia, James Madison University and Eastern Virginia Medical School, EyeRx Research, Inc. is focused to developing and bringing to the commercial marketplace products that will aid vision and prevent blindness. There is an ever-increasing need for such products and EyeRx intends to benefit mankind by addressing that need. EyeRx has been deeply involved with the following which have significant market potential: Topical Aminocaproic Acid, CaprogelTM: Inhibition of clot dissolution improves the prognosis for traumatic hyphema. This gel product, currently licensed to ISTA Pharmaceuticals, obviates systemic toxicity. Anti-sense Oligonucelotide Allograft Anti-Rejection Pharmacology: ICAM expression is inhibited by donor tissue incubation with safe and highly specific oligonucleotide drugs. Numerous topical applications are under investigation. Topical Epithelial LASEK Solutions: This new refractive procedure has tremendous potential to avoid microkeratome complications. Our solutions can preserve epithelial integrity, thereby improving outcomes and limiting toxicity. Systemic Neuroprotective Anti-oxidants: Glaucoma and many other neuro-degenerative diseases may respond favorably to anti-oxidant therapy, particularly those that activate non-traditional, non-nutritional scavenger pathways. Permanent Radio Frequency Transmission Intra-Ocular Pressure Sensor Implants: Glaucoma therapy and pathogenesis will benefit tremendously from continuous monitoring of IOP through microscopic limbal or Seton implants. Topical Photodynamic Therapy for Ocular Neovascularization and Neoplasia: Customary laser settings produce thermal and collateral damage, which can be avoided with photosensitizers matched to appropriately coupled wavelengths. Lacritin Dry Eye Treatment: Lacritin is a recently identified component of tears which increases tear secretion and controls underlying inflamation.

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Proof Of Concept For Antimicrobial Properties Of Lacritin In Vivo
Stimulation of Tear Secretion by a Novel Glycoprotein