Voxtel Inc
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Voxtel, Inc. engages in developing and manufacturing photonic devices and systems. It offers photo detectors, optoelectronic assemblies, and optical instrumentation for industrial, commercial, research, and government applications; and silicon photomultipliers for use in fluorescence-lifetime imaging, positron-emission tomography, nuclear medicine, high energy physics, radiation detection, laser range finding, particle sizing, and laser-induced fluorescence detection applications, as well as in DNA-sequencing applications. The company’s products include single photon sensitive avalanche photodiodes, single photon detector systems, LADAR and LIDAR detector systems, complementary metal oxide semiconductor imagers, nanocrystal quantum dot devices, and electro-optical imaging systems, as well as nanoDot taggant systems for use in security applications, covert operations, anti-counterfeiting systems, and encryption technologies.

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Optimized Taggant Delivery Systems
Improved Hyperspectral Readout Integrated Circuit
Extended-SWIR Targeting Sensor
Wide Spectral Response Nanocrystal-Sensitized Focal Plane Array
Rad-Hard Dual-Threshold High Count Rate Silicon Pixel Array Detector