Vorbeck Materials Corporation
Business Identifier: commercially viable graphene production
Public Profile:
Vorbeck develops Vor-x products to meet real-world industrial challenges. Vor-ink formulations harness the exceptional conductivity of graphene: ultra-flexible and robust inks and coatings for the printed electronics market. In energy applications, Vor-x delivers demonstrable performance gains by breaking traditional technology trade-offs between battery capacity and power output. Plastic and rubber composites with low Vor-x loadings attain extreme levels of strength, dimensional stability, conductivity, and environmental resistance, opening new application and design possibilities.

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Year Founded IP Holdings
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Graphene Conductive Inks for Flexible Printed Electronics
Functionalized Graphene-Based Biosensors
Functionalized Graphene Based Supercapacitors
Disruptive fibers and textiles for flexible protection