Eye-Predict LLC
Business Identifier: scalable automated display optimization
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EyePredict is pioneering a new category - automated display optimization. The firm can optimize commercial displays without requiring data collection from people. The production of highly effective displays of products in catalogs or on store shelves can now be done by analyzing thousands of alternatives within minutes. For example, merchants often assume that consumers always inspect visual interfaces from top-left to bottom-right. This intuitive assumption is contradicted by scientific evidence showing that looking behavior is highly context-dependent. The EyePredcit technology has been applied successfully to increase consumer response both offline and online, as validated in a series of studies involving millions of behavioral data points. Predictive attention models that are based on cutting edge neuroscience research power these optimization solutions while a comprehensive validation platform enables the firm to continuously improve predictive technology and demonstrate its validity. This platform includes millions of eye tracking and click-through data points collected by both customers and R&D team of Caltech graduates

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Automated Display Optimization Based on Attention Predictions