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PureVision Technology Inc
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511 North McKinley
Fort Lupton, CO 80621
   (303) 857-4530

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PureVision's technology and processes will substitute fossil fuel produced products with biomass-derived products.PureVision has developed proprietary biotechnology processes that can manufacture fiber, ethanol and other high value industrial chemicals from biomass such as agricultural and wood residues and municipal solid waste. PureVision’s patented fractionation technology produces a relatively pure cellulose stream by removing the hemicellulose and lignin fractions from agricultural and waste biomass. The remaining purified cellulose can then be converted into glucose requiring far fewer enzymes than what is typically needed to convert the cellulose into glucose. The hemicellulose and lignin are recoverable from the liquid wash stream for many different commercial applications. Since 2000 the Company has been conducting pre-pilot studies of its unique biomass fractionation technology. PureVision’s continuous process development unit will be operational in October 2003 and a demonstration-scale pilot plant is planned to be constructed in 2004. The Company continues to develop strategic partnerships with many leading companies including enzyme producers, equipment manufacturers, engineering services and feedstock suppliers. These and other initiatives now underway are directed at scaling-up the PureVision biorefinery process and developing commercial projects worldw

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