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Pacific Biosciences of California Inc (AKA:NFI~Nanofluidics Inc~Pacific Biosciences~PacBio)
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Sequencing systems to resolve genetically complex problems
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1380 Willow Road
Menlo Park, CA 94025
   (650) 521-8000

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Originally doing business as Nanofluidics, Pacific Biosciences is focused to transforming the way humankind acquires, processes and interprets data from living systems through the design, development and commercialization of innovative tools for biological research. Anchored in work undertaken while SBIR-involved as Nanofluidics, the Company has developed a novel approach to studying the synthesis and regulation of DNA, RNA and protein. Combining recent advances in nanofabrication, biochemistry, molecular biology, surface chemistry and optics, Pacific Biosciences has created a powerful technology platform called single molecule, real-time, or SMRT™, technology. SMRT technology enables real-time analysis of biomolecules with single molecule resolution, which has the potential to transform the understanding of biological systems by providing a window into these systems that has not previously been open for scientific study. Pacific Biosciences of California, Inc. (Nasdaq:PACB) offers the PacBio® RS II DNA Sequencing System to help scientists solve genetically complex problems. Based on its novel Single Molecule, Real-Time (SMRT®) technology, the company's products enable: targeted sequencing to more comprehensively characterize genetic variations; de novo genome assembly to more fully identify, annotate and decipher genomic structures; and DNA base modification identification to help characterize epigenetic regulation and DNA damage. By providing access to information that was previously inaccessible, Pacific Biosciences enables scientists to increase their understanding of biological systems.

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