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Nekton Research LLC (AKA:Nekton Technologies Inc)
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autonomous submersibles vehicles, sensors, communication devices and related systems
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4625 Industry Lane
Durham, NC 27713
   (919) 405-3993

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In September 2008, Nekton was acquired by iRobot, itself an active but rapdily growing SBIR awardee. Nekton Research, LLC offers core competencies in robotic vehicles, unmanned underwater systems, novel propulsion and control, material handling, and compliant structures. Nekton’s staff combines expertise in biology, physics, robotics, ocean engineering and ocean operations, mechanical engineering, mathematical modeling and simulation, design, programming, and business development. Accomplishments include a deep tow platform rated to full ocean depth (6,000m), the world’s smallest autonomous underwater vehicles, the first successful implementation of the simplest known method of 3D guidance, and the most maneuverable underwater vehicle ever built. Nekton excels at Biomimetics: extracting practical technology from nature’s proven solutions. From complex biological systems, Nekton distills the functional essence and then renders those designs in the simplest possible hardware and/or software. Our capabilities and facilities include: Autonomous Underwater Vehicle design, fabrication, and testing; Mathematical model development and analysis, including fluid dynamics analysis, FEA, 3D motion analysis, and simulations; Design and simulation of PCBs and other electronic components; Rapid prototyping and light assembly; CNC and manual fabrication; elastomer, composite, and plastics molding and machining; In-house test tanks, pressure testing and test data retrieval systems ; Access to closed- and open-water test facilities with short baseline tra

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