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Lyco Works Incorporated

799 Kirkwood Avenue
Atlanta, GA 30316
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Year Founded 2012
Employment 1
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Lyco Works Incorporated
     Last modified on: 9/15/2014

Jason Lye PhD. is an accomplished innovation technologist and the prime mover at Lyco Works. With over two decades of collaborative experience in fields as diverse as photochemistry, organic chemistry, printing technology, quantum mechanical molecular modeling, business development and intellectual property licensing, Lyco Works are experts at establishing and managing productive, innovative partnerships. Jason also has a great Rolodex® of hand-chosen collaborators lined up ready to help us with each project. (read more about Jason’s successes here: [PDF Resume])
What we do

The word ‘machine’ comes from the Ancient Greek mechos. Mechos is both a means and a remedy. Your company is a machine, building products to satiate a market need. Lyco Works integrates into your company’s R&D department. Like a cog spinning in service of a larger purpose, Lyco Works helps your company gain market control through innovative and effective technology sourcing. Combine Lyco’s focus and deep industry knowledge with your niche know-how—and successful innovation happens.
Where we connect

Like any ecosystem, technological innovation is interconnected and always evolving. Lyco Works’ technology network spans four continents, government labs, universities and industries too numerous to count. We turn product concept wish lists into realities through practical partnering.


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