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Eli Lilly & Company
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Major Corp
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Key People / Management

  John C Lechleiter -- CEO

  Richard A Brown -- Manager, Corporate Busine

  Thomas F Bumol -- Vice President - Biotechnology Discovery Research

  Gail Cassell -- Vice President, Scientifi

  Guy F Cipriani -- Manager

  Thomas L Curtiss -- Manager, Corporate Busine

  Steven Doherty --

  Timothy J Dolan -- Alliance Manager

  Timothy J Dolan --

  Stuart F Easley --

  Andrew S Eibling --

  Christian C Felder --

  Donald R Gehlert --

  Amy R Hale -- Patent Associate

  Michael F Johnson -- Director

  Randy D Loser -- General Counsel

  Randy D Loser --

  James A McGee --

  David L McKinzie --

  Mark A Miller --

  David L Nelson --

  Laura K Nisenbaum --

  Gary Noonan -- Director, Business Develo

  Melanie Paquette-McNerlin -- Medical Liaison

  Nathan Sanburn --

  Darryle D Schoepp --

  Paul A Stewart -- Manager, Global Business

  Tom Thattacherry --

  David Thompson --

  John R Tupman -- Corporate Business Develo

  Heather Wassermen -- Director External R&D Bone, Muscle & Joint Diseses

  W Hunter White --

  Joseph S Zakrzewski -- Corporate Business Develo

Location Information

Lilly Corporate Center
Indianapolis, IN 46285
   (317) 276-2000

Public Profile

Eli Lilly and Company discovers, develops, manufactures, and markets pharmaceutical products worldwide. It operates through two segments, Human Pharmaceutical Products and Animal Health Products. The company offers endocrinology products to treat diabetes; osteoporosis in postmenopausal women and men; human growth hormone deficiency and pediatric growth conditions; and testosterone deficiency. It also provides neuroscience products for the treatment of major depressive disorders, diabetic peripheral neuropathic pain, anxiety disorders, fibromyalgia, and chronic musculoskeletal pain; schizophrenia; attention-deficit hyperactivity disorders; depressive, obsessive-compulsive, bulimia nervosa, and panic disorders; and positron emission tomography imaging of beta-amyloid neurotic plaques in adult brains. In addition, the company offers products for the treatment of non-small cell lung, colorectal, head and neck, pancreatic, metastatic breast, ovarian, bladder, and metastatic gastric cancers, as well as malignant pleural mesothelioma; and cardiovascular products for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and benign prostatic hyperplasia, thrombotic cardiovascular events, and cardiac ischemic complications. Further, it provides animal health products, such as cattle feed additives; protein supplements for cows; leanness and performance enhancers for swine and cattle; antibiotics to treat respiratory and other diseases in cattle, swine, and poultry; anticoccidial agents for poultry; and chewable tablets that kill fleas and prevent flea infestations, heartworm diseases, roundworm diseases, hookworm diseases, and whipworm diseases. Additionally, the company offers products to treat chronic manifestations of atopic dermatitis and congestive heart failure in dogs; chronic allergic dermatitis and kidney diseases in cats.

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