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Wolverine Energy Solutions & Technology receives federal funding, triples staff
Date: Apr 22, 2011
Author: Jon Zemke
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Featured firm in this article: Wolverine Energy Solutions and Technology Inc of Ann Arbor, MI

Wolverine Energy Solutions & Technology is a green energy company that doesn't dabble in things like wind, solar or biofuels. The University of Michigan spin-out is developing an organic material for super capacitors that will make them more energy efficient and bio-degradable.

"The material allows it to handle really intense energy, and it can do it over a long period of time," says Stephanie Goodson, president of Wolverine Energy Solutions & Technology. She is also the wife of Theodore Goodson III, a U-M chemistry professor who first discovered the technology.

Wolverine Energy Solutions & Technology has already developed a prototype and is using funding from federal agencies, such as the U.S. Dept of Defense, to further development of the organic material in real-life scenarios. This has allowed the company to expand its staff from two people from its inception in 2009 to six today.

"We'd like to see our employee number double over the next year, and have a good business plan to market our technology to a major corporation," Goodson says.

Source: Stephanie Goodson, president of Wolverine Energy Solutions & Technology