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Visual Sciences Announces Strategic Investment and Licensing Agreement with In-Q-Tel:Real-time Visual Analysis Targeted to the Intelligence Community Market
Date: Oct 20, 2004
Source: In-Q-Tel ( click here to go to the source)

Featured firm in this article: Visual Sciences Inc of Herndon, VA

isual Sciences, LLC, the leading provider of Real-time Visual Analysis software, today announced that it has entered into a strategic agreement with In-Q-Tel, the independent, non-profit venture group funded by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). After conducting exhaustive customer, industry, management, and technical due diligence, In-Q-Tel has identified Visual Sciences' Real-Time Analysis Platform (RTAP™) and applications as having significant potential to address the needs of the U.S. Intelligence Community.

The strategic agreement includes a purchase of software licenses and a strategic investment in the Company. A senior In-Q-Tel representative will become an observer to the Visual Sciences' Board of Directors.

Visual Sciences' patent pending real-time visual analysis technology enables information-driven Fortune 1000 enterprises and government agencies to collect, process, analyze and interactively visualize very large volumes of data, empowering users to see and make decisions from analysis results in real-time. Visual Sciences currently offers a number of visual analysis applications that leverage RTAP including Visual Site™ for Internet channels and Visual Call™ for interactive voice response (IVR) channels. Under the agreement, Visual Sciences will, with the guidance of In-Q-Tel expertise, develop additional applications of its technology for government and commercial use.

"The real-time visual analysis of large amounts of data is mission-critical to the U.S. Intelligence Community and national security," said Gilman Louie, CEO of In-Q-Tel and ex-CEO of Spectrum Holobyte and MicroProse. "Visual Sciences is the first company we have seen combine the ease-of-use and graphical sophistication made popular by the interactive entertainment industry with the raw data processing power of parallelized real-time computing. Visual Sciences' breakthrough combination of interactive visualization and real-time data analysis capabilities is disruptive technology that can redraw the capabilities of government and private sector alike."

"The U.S. Intelligence Community is the world's largest and most sophisticated consumer of data analysis software. Being able to analyze, understand and act on very high volumes of real-time information is a requirement not an option," said Jim MacIntyre, CEO of Visual Sciences. "Visual Sciences is proud to work with In-Q-Tel and provide its real-time visual analysis technology to help ensure United States national security.

About Visual Sciences
Visual Sciences, LLC is the leading provider of Real-Time Visual Analysis software products and services to Fortune 1000 enterprises and government agencies. The most information-driven enterprises depend on Visual Sciences' Real-Time Analysis Platform (RTAP) and suite of applications to collect, process, analyze and visualize their data for decision making. The Company's breakthrough technologies have been applied to improve the financial and operational performance of mission critical customer facing information systems, including Internet sites and services with Visual Site® and interactive voice response systems with Visual Call™. Visual Sciences helps its clients across the financial services, government, travel, technology, telecommunications, retail and media industries "see results" in real-time by turning high volumes of data into actionable intelligence. Founded in the year 2000, Visual Sciences achieved US GAAP net income profitability in June 2003.