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Venkat Selvamanickam
Date: Jan 01, 2020
Source: University Press Release ( click here to go to the source)

Featured firm in this article: AMPeers LLC of Houston, TX

Venkat Selvamanickam, M.D. Anderson Chair and professor of mechanical engineering at the Cullen College, is one of the world's leading experts and pioneers of innovative manufacturing technologies related to superconductors. With a master's degree in mechanical engineering and a Ph.D. in materials engineering from the UH Cullen College of Engineering, Selvamanickam has compiled 32 years of research contributions in applied superconductivity, specifically the development and manufacturing of superconductor wires.

Selvamanickam established a startup company -- AMPeers -- in 2009 to scale up novel round superconductor wires developed at UH. AMPeers, which stands for Advanced Materials Pioneers, provides innovative solutions to material problems in a broad range of sectors -- from defense to medicine and other industrial applications; consultancy; and continued research in partnership with UH.

The Houston company, housed at the UH Technology Bridge, received two Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) contracts including a Phase 2 in which manufacturing technologies are being developed to scale up these round superconductor wires from a few centimeters in the laboratory to hundreds of meters.

The above-mentioned accomplishments are just a drop in the bucket. Selvamanickam has held a variety of positions at various instituions, and his research at the University spans a wide range of advanced processing techniques for high-performance materials for energy and electronics applications such as high temperature super-conducting thin film wires, photovoltaics and flexible electronics. His students receive exceptional mentorship and exposure not only in conducting very intensive, innovative research but also in broad engineering skill sets at his unique facilities and through his highly experienced engineering and scientific support staff.