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Technology Concept Confirmation & Prototype Development
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Featured firm in this article: Brisea International Development Inc of Parsippany, NJ

BRISEA Technology Concept Confirmation and Prototype Development Service (BRISEA TCC&PD Service) offers you end-to-end prototyping services for environmental applications including water, air and solid waste treatment. We integrate the part and process of your idea and what you have in the lab, to make them practical and real. Our prototype design allows you to not only test your concept using a physical product, but also to practically evaluate and enhance your design.

What Type of Prototype Do You Need?
Oftentimes, a prototype is only required to prove that a concept design works before proceeding to a pilot scale or manufacturing. However, a prototype design can take on many forms from basic models to fully functioning product versions.

BRISEA TCC&PD Service make every kind of prototype for every customer need depending on your overall ideas, concepts and aims. If you are not sure, here are four most common prototypes for your reference:


We can optimize the design and build models of your prototypes without functionality so as to provide a basis of understanding for the appearance, size, shape and ergonomics of your product, as well as to display it for conferences and shows. For larger structures, we can also assist in providing scaled models. (1/48,1/72, 1/87, 1/100 or any scale you need)


If you need someone to co-create solutions for complex challenges you are trying to tackle, we would love to discuss it with you. We can provide a functional pilot scale system used to validate the complete design. In addition, we can help you to build, assemble, and test your technology with customized electronics and mechanical parts.


We can provide prototypes built based on your lab-scaled experimental setup with real functionality in instances where you may already have lab-scaled experimental setup and are looking for a means to validate the mechanism behind your technology.


This type of prototype is used to validate fully commercialized designs before you proceed to full scale manufacturing.