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StressCheck, the Newest HyperWorks Partner Alliance Application, Expands Altair's FEA Capabilities
Date: Dec 07, 2011
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Featured firm in this article: Engineering Software Research and Development Inc of St Louis, MO

TROY, Mich. -- Dec. 7, 2011 -- Altair, developer of the popular HyperWorks computer-aided engineering software, today announced the official release of StressCheck by Engineering Software Research & Development, Inc. (ESRD) in the HyperWorks Partner Alliance. StressCheck complements Altair's finite element analysis (FEA) solver, RADIOSS, supporting detailed structural and strength analyses including multi-body contact and computation of fracture mechanics parameters for metallic and composite parts. ESRD is renowned in the aerospace industry, but increasing requirements for detailed FEA and stress analysis in mechanical and structural engineering of all types make StressCheck a strategic addition to the HyperWorks Partner Alliance (HWPA). HyperWorks users will be able to access StressCheck from the HWPA website at

"ESRD is pleased to join the HyperWorks Partner Alliance and enter into new markets through Altair's global sales and marketing efforts," said Dr. Anil K Mehta, senior vice president of business development at ESRD, Inc. "StressCheck is well known for its advanced technical capabilities in the aerospace industry. HyperWorks customers, especially in the automotive and turbo-machinery industries, will benefit from its verified stress analysis capabilities, as well as its unique functionalities in laminated composites, fatigue and damage tolerance analyses. StressCheck provides a framework for standardization of simulation practices in a scalable electronic handbook in support of the accumulation and management of expert-designed solutions."

HyperWorks customers can access StressCheck through the HWPA, a suite of third-party partner applications that can be accessed with the same units used to invoke Altair HyperWorks software. The flexibility of these HyperWorks Units empowers users to deploy the largest and most complete suite of CAE applications available at no incremental cost or long-term commitment.
"ESRD's StressCheck is a strategic addition to our HyperWorks Partner Alliance," said Robert Yancey, executive director -- global aerospace at Altair. "Detailed stress and fracture analysis, especially for composite structures, is very important in the Aerospace sector. Coupled with Altair's optimization technology, ESRD's StressCheck will provide a broader set of options to our customers when optimizing the design of metallic and composite structures. "

The HWPA strives to provide the most comprehensive offering of software applications across multiple relevant domains related to computer-aided engineering. The addition of ESRD further enhances the flexibility of the HyperWorks Units and the overall value of Altair HyperWorks.