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smartRealm Launches First Semantic Web-Based Social Network Analysis API
Date: Mar 04, 2011
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Featured firm in this article: smartRealm LLC of Leesburg, VA

smartRealm LLC today announced the launch of the beta version of the smartRealm™ SNAP™ API (Application Programming Interface), an intelligent, semantic web-based service that provides developers with access to smartRealm SNAP scores through a web service for social network analytics.

The smartRealm SNAP (Social Network Analysis Platform) scores summarize a person's position and influence within their social networks, allowing for a standardized ranking and segmentation of individuals across a variety of networks. The SNAP scores rank individuals on such dimensions as Authority, Footprint, and Information Diffusion Speed within their networks. This information makes it possible to target the most receptive and influential individuals in a variety of social media outreach activities.

"Most organizations today recognize the importance of social networks for their marketing and brand recognition programs, but they lack the information needed to target the most influential and receptive audiences," said Barry Glick, Chairman, smartRealm. "smartRealm is pioneering the ability to fully analyze activity within a company's social media presence and to produce truly meaningful influence and other metrics that can be used for lead generation, brand messaging, enhanced customer service and other applications," Glick added.

"By providing our unique social networking metrics to the developer community, we are making it possible for developers to build applications in the cloud that leverage social networks in consumer and enterprise applications'," said Stephane Fellah, Chief Technologist and Product Manager, smartRealm. "We look forward to the many innovative applications that will be developed based on this exciting Web 3.0 technology," Fellah added.