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Safesense Technologies Provides Innovative Sensor Technology
Date: Jul 10, 2018
Source: University Press Release ( click here to go to the source)

Featured firm in this article: Safesense Technologies LLC of Kalamazoo, MI

SafeSense Technologies provides innovative sensor technology using flexible electronics for the sports performance, physical therapy, and medical diagnostics markets. Unlike other helmet sensor solutions, SafeSense Technologies' sensors seamlessly integrate into the helmet and can provide a full profile mapping of the intensity and location of the impact (much like a weather map). Location, as well as force of impact, is important when evaluating sports performance metrics and possible head injuries. SafeSense Technologies has tremendous potential beyond football helmets. As a platform technology, opportunity exists in other sports such as lacrosse, hockey and boxing, as well as in military and law enforcement situations. Beyond head impact sensing, the company's technology can be used in any application where knowledge of impact force, as well as location, is important, such as sports training aids and physical therapy.

SafeSense has been a client of the WMed Innovation Center since January 2016 when the Innovation Center requested and secured an initial Michigan Business Accelerator Fund (BAF) award of $14,920 to assist the firm. In June, the company benefited from another BAF award for $34,757. Recently, in December 2017, SafeSense Technologies became the first member of the Innovation Center's newest co-working space, The Workbench. Being conveniently located next door to the WMU College of Engineering makes it easy for the company's staff to interact with their colleagues at the university. Great things are in store for SafeSense Technologies!