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S2 Corporation Receives Grant from the State of Montana
Date: Feb 01, 2012
Author: press release
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Featured firm in this article: S2 Corporation of Bozeman, MT

S2 Corporation was recently awarded a stage 1 grant for $15,000 from the State of Montana for the Montana SBIR/STTR Matching Funds Program (MSMFP). The matching funds were awarded in conjunction with S2 Corporation's Phase 1 Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) contract from the United States Air Force entitled "Hardware Based Broadband Ultra High-speed Digital Signal Processor", with funding level totaling $149,852.00 through August 2012. The project aims to develop our extreme bandwidth photonic signal processor in working hardware that will generate digital signal streams representing broadband RF spectrum captures, and to generate algorithms in software to analyze and characterize these signals in real time. The company plans to pursue a follow on Phase II SBIR.

For the MSMFP Stage 1 funding, the primary objective will be to extend the performance of the technology and to pursue the Phase II SBIR award. In doing this, funds will be used on salaries and associated costs to facilitate II proposal writing efforts and a presentation of technical results. Funds allocated to travel will be used to brief U. S. Government contract representatives on technical findings of the SBIR effort.

Applications for S2's technology include both commercial and military sectors, with the baseline capability of wideband monitoring of the radio frequency spectrum with high performance and low latency. Commercial applications are test and measurement and civilian (not military) radio frequency surveillance. This is applicable for communications activity monitoring as well. For the military applications, wide band RF coverage for surveillance and signal's intelligence can apply to radar signal detection and cueing, electronic warfare, order of battle determination for targeting and for use in waveform detection, classification and measurement.