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Q-State Biosciences Closes Series a Financing
Date: Nov 30, 2018
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Featured firm in this article: Q-State Biosciences Inc of Cambridge, MA

Q-State Biosciences, a Cambridge, MA-based provider of genomic services, closed an undisclosed Series A financing.

Q-State Biosciences has also joined with Minneapolis-based Pairnomix, LLC, to create a precision medicine company focused on rare and devastating central nervous system (CNS) diseases.

Led by David Margulies, MD, Chairman and Co-Founder, Q-State offers comprehensive genomic services ranging from genetic sequencing to mutation modelling and screening to targeted antisense oligonucleotide (ASO) design, with application to individuals as well as populations. The company has a specific expertise in functional genomics, stem cell biology, gene editing, and machine-learning based bioinformatics. Its proprietary Optopatch™ technology, in particular, enables the company to gain physiological insights into personalized models of genetic nervous system conditions. It also offers screening services in these models with its in-house new chemical entity (NCE) and repurposing libraries, and with custom-constructed ASOs.
These collective services are available to individuals through their physician and to larger underserved populations through drug development partnerships with pharmaceutical companies.

Q-State Biosciences will maintain its headquarters in Cambridge, MA, with additional offices in Minnesota. Matthew Fox, previously CEO of Pairnomix, will serve as CEO of the group.