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PlasmaTech Biopharmaceuticals Announces Name Change to Abeona Therapeutics to Reflect Broader Rare Disease Commitment
Date: Jun 19, 2015
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NEW YORK, NY -- (Marketwired) -- 06/19/15 --

Abeona Therapeutics is focused on developing and delivering gene therapy and plasma-based products for severe and life-threatening rare diseases
Established next generation AAV-based gene therapy platform led by four rare, autosomal recessive (inherited) orphan pediatric disease product candidates in development
Acquired CRISPR-Cas9 gene-editing system with first lead product developed and ongoing research in multiple rare blood disease targets
Developing novel SDF™ plasma-based platform led by SDF Alpha™ (alpha1 antitrypsin) for inherited form of COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) and other orphan protein therapeutics

PlasmaTech Biopharmaceuticals, Inc. (NASDAQ: PTBI), a biopharmaceutical company focused on developing and delivering gene therapy and plasma-based products for severe and life-threatening rare diseases, today announced a name change to Abeona Therapeutics, Inc. to reflect its broader rare disease commitment. The Company expects that its common stock will begin trading on NASDAQ on Monday, June 22, under the ticker symbol ABEO, along with announcing Abeona Therapeutics to ring the Nasdaq Stock market closing bell on Monday, June 22nd at 4:00 pm ET. Live streaming can be found at:

"Abeona was forged from the company's close collaborations with key stakeholders, all dedicated to transforming new biotechnology insights into breakthrough treatments for rare diseases," stated Steven Rouhandeh, Executive Chairman. "Most importantly, we have established a dedicated team of world class professionals led by Dr. Tim Miller, who will be critical to building and accelerating value for patients and shareholders."

A rare disease is one that affects fewer than 200,000 people in the United States. There are nearly 7,000 rare diseases, which may involve chronic illness, disability, and often, premature death. More than 25 million Americans and 30 million Europeans have a rare disease. While rare diseases can affect any age group, about 50% of people affected are children (15 million); and rare diseases account for 35% of deaths in the first year of life. These rare diseases are often poorly diagnosed, very complex, and have no treatment or not very effective treatment -- over 95% of rare diseases do not have a single FDA or EMA approved drug treatment. However, most rare diseases are often caused by changes in genes -- 80% are genetic in origin and can present at any stage of life.

"Effectively developing therapies for rare disease requires innovative approaches and strong collaboration between researchers, industry, regulators and patient groups," noted Tim Miller, Ph.D., President & CEO. "We believe emerging insights in gene therapy and advances in biotechnology provide significant opportunities to develop breakthrough treatments for rare diseases. Our focus is transforming the promise of our products and platforms into new treatments for severe and life-threatening rare diseases such as Sanfilippo syndromes types A and B, juvenile Batten disease, and Fanconi anemia."

About the Abeona Name Change: Abeona (pronounced ey-bee-ohn-uh) is the Roman Goddess who protects children as they take their first steps away from home.

About Abeona Therapeutics, Inc.: Abeona Therapeutics is focused on developing and delivering gene therapy and plasma-based products for severe and life-threatening rare diseases. Abeona's lead program is an adeno-associated virus (AAV)-based gene therapy for Sanfilippo syndrome (MPS IIIA and IIIB) in collaboration with patient advocate groups, researchers and clinicians. Clinical trials for Sanfilippo types A and B are anticipated to begin in 2015. The Company recently licensed an AAV-based gene therapy program in juvenile Batten disease (JBD) from the University of Nebraska Medical Center; and licensed an AAV-based gene therapy program for Fanconi anemia (FA) disorder and other rare blood diseases using CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing from the University of Minnesota. In addition, the company is pursuing two additional proprietary platforms, Salt Diafiltration (SDF™) Process and Polymer Hydrogel Technology (PHT™), and is active in the development and commercialization of human plasma-derived therapeutics, including its proprietary alpha-1 protease inhibitor, SDF Alpha™. For more information, visit

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