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Plasan Acquires KaZaK Composites: Latest Acquisition Boosts Plasan's Capacity for Mass Production of Composites for Automotive and Defense Applications
Date: Jun 28, 2011
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Featured firm in this article: Kazak Composites Incorporated of Woburn, MA

Plasan, a global leader in the mass production of composite materials for defense and automotive clients, today announced the acquisition of KaZaK Composites; a Massachusetts-based engineering design and manufacturing company specializing in pultrusion processing.

KaZaK Composites is a premier provider of value-added composite engineering. KaZaK specializes in high performance composite structures and low-cost automated composite manufacturing. From design and analysis through prototyping and manufacturing, KaZaK's technology offers a variety of applications in ship structures, building structures, space systems and numerous commercial applications.

KaZaK Composites has ongoing activities with most U.S. Department of Defense agencies, including the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Missile Defense Agency and DARPA. They also have performed R&D and/or production for NSF, DOT, DOE and NASA, in addition to many major aerospace and defense contractors.

Dan Ziv, CEO of Plasan, said: "KaZak is an ideal fit for Plasan. KaZaK Composites' expertise, knowledge and respect within the industry will enhance Plasan's large-scale composite manufacturing capabilities. This purchase will bring together KaZaK and Plasan's expertise, with the goal of offering a larger and more integrated range of services in design, engineering and customer support to its defense and automotive customers in the United States."

The KaZak acquisition is the latest in a series of moves by Plasan to consolidate its position as the leading manufacturer of composite materials for both automotive and defense applications. Plasan's recent efforts include:

The launch of a Plasan Carbon Composites sales, research, design and engineering center in Detroit, Michigan today serve the needs of its North American automotive customers. Plasan Carbon Composites is a leading supplier of carbon fiber solutions to the automotive industry. Armored Chariots LLC, a joint venture with TPI Composites Inc of Scottsdale, Arizona to produce next-generation crew compartments for U.S. military vehicles at a facility in Warren, Rhode Island.

About Plasan
Plasan provides customized survivability solutions for tactical wheeled vehicles, aircraft, naval platforms, civilian armored vehicles and personal protection. A recognized global leader and industry veteran, Plasan's survivability solutions offer the optimal combination of protection, payload, and cost by combining in-house R&D, design, prototyping and manufacturing capabilities.

Plasan combines innovative survivability engineering and design with advanced armor materials development. Its unique development process is based on continuous interaction between the R&D and the Design & Prototyping departments. During this process, Plasan combines computer-generated analysis and simulations with real-time calibration and ballistic test data. The effective combination of test and simulation data enables improved simulation accuracy and performance, resulting in the optimal survivability solution.

Plasan's engineers are unique in terms of their military backgrounds and hands-on experience. As veterans of the Israel Defense Forces they are familiar with soldiers' behavior during combat and share a common language with the end user. This often contributes to the development of life saving solutions.

Plasan's success is rooted in the combination of innovation, a high level of commitment and a full range of in-house capabilities. As a preferred supplier to the Israel Defense Forces and an approved supplier to ministries of defense around the world, Plasan's solutions have been tried and tested by dozens of armed forces in the most demanding battlefields such as Lebanon, Iraq and Afghanistan.

As a global company with locations in Israel, North America and Europe, Plasan is a worldwide market leader. Plasan's production capabilities are complemented by a comprehensive supply chain that encompasses suppliers of materials, equipment and solutions in strategic locations worldwide. This extensive network enables the production capacity flexibility necessary to expand or reduce production volumes according to demand. Please visit

About KaZaK Composites
Headquartered in Woburn, Massachusetts, KaZaK Composites, Inc. integrates engineering design and low-cost manufacturing to produce high performance composites for the aerospace, military and commercial markets.

With specialization in large and unusual pultrusion processing, KaZaK Composites, Inc. provides product value in the area of material sciences that has enabled engineers to develop new and creative ways to build structures.

KaZaK produces structural components for Navy ships including DDG 1000, T-AKE and aircraft carriers. Other major markets include UAVs, armor and missile canisters. KaZaK Composites, Inc. has a manufacturing facility in Hudson, New Hampshire. Please visit

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