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Patented QS2 Terahertz Systems are on sale until the end of the year
Date: Oct 26, 2011
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Featured firm in this article: Microtech Instruments of Eugene, OR

Eugene, OR October 26, 2011.
Microtech Instruments, Inc., is pleased to
announce that it received a US patent
for high efficiency QS2 THz sources
combined with frequency multipliers.
As a promotion of this technology,
Microtech will offer a 20% discount
to all QS2 based products until
December 31, 2011. QS2 systems ar
e now available with a bolometer
detector as an alternative to Golay Cells.
QS2 products are based on millimeter
wave backward wave oscillators
(BWOs) combined with a set of freque
ncy multipliers that extend spectral
range of BWO from 100-180 GH
z to 0.2-1.5 THz. Fi
rst introduced in 2007,
QS2 systems gained good acceptance
among the clients, who recognized
many advantages of this comp
act and versatile THz source:
"Development of THz sources based
on BWOs combined with frequency
multipliers was partly funded by an
SBIR project back in 2006", commented
Dr. Vladimir Kozlov, Vice President of
Microtech. "By optimizing impedance
matching between waveguide couple
d frequency multipliers and BWO
output, we were able to acheive surpri
singly high output power from these
devices. We are pleased by a recent
decision of the US patent office to
recognize this invention."
This development is a result of a joint project between Microtech
Instruments Inc., Virginia Diodes, In
c., and Prof. Frank DeLucia of Ohio
State University. The project was pa
rtly funded by DARPA SBIR program
(topic number SB062-002), initiated by Dr. Henry Everitt.
About Microtech Instruments, Inc.
Microtech Instruments is a leading
manufacturer of THz components and
systems, including THz sp
ectrometers, generators
and detectors. Commited
to innovation, Microtech collaborates
with leading research organizations