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Orthocare Innovations Named a FierceMedicalDevices "Fierce 15" Company for 2012
Date: Oct 02, 2012
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Featured firm in this article: Orthocare Innovations LLC of Edmonds, WA

OKLAHOMA CITY, Oct. 2, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Orthocare Innovations ( announced today that it has been named to the FierceMedicalDevices "Fierce 15" list, designating it as one of the leading medical device and diagnostic companies of 2012. FierceMedicalDevices Editors Mark Hollmer and Damian Garde, in conjunction with Editor-in-Chief John Carroll and Executive Editor Ryan McBride, chose this year's winners based on their top management teams, notable financial backing, and promising technologies and market opportunities. Orthocare Innovations was chosen as one of the Fierce 15 based, in part, on its creativity and innovations in the industry.



"Orthocare Innovations' next-generation, adaptive prosthetics promise to make a huge difference for patients who have lost limbs," said Garde. "By leading their sector in the use of mobile communications and cloud computing, Orthocare Innovations is connecting patients to their devices and their health care providers to improve care quality through data-driven, informed clinical decision making."

"FierceMedicalDevices is renowned for its advanced understanding of medical device companies and the industry as a whole," said Orthocare Innovations' CEO and Co-Founder Doug McCormack. "Being selected as a member of the 'Fierce 15' is an honor that highlights Orthocare Innovations' potential to make a significant impact in the orthotic and prosthetic segment of the medical devices market through its adaptive devices and unique data ecosystem."

An example of Orthocare Innovations' adaptive prosthetic designs is its highly anticipated Magellan MFA®, a microprocessor controlled foot ankle prosthetic device. Magellan employs a novel approach to lower limb prosthetics by mimicking key features of the human ankle that are essential to normal gait. The human ankle instantly changes from supple to firm and from flexible to powerful while walking or running. Magellan offers active ankle function using microprocessor computer control, combined with advanced, micro-hydraulic technology, providing persons who have lost limbs with enhanced levels of control, stability and comfort.

Another innovative feature is Magellan's connectivity, linking the device to its user and the user's health care providers. This functionality, afforded by iPhone and iPad apps and Bluetooth technology, enables patients to make adjustments to the Magellan themselves, for example, to account for changes in footwear. This functionality also extends to health care providers, affording access to patient performance and device diagnostics.

"Magellan is an exciting innovation for us and for patients who utilize lower extremity prosthetics," said McCormack. "Our team has developed a highly complex system that, at the same time, is easy for clinicians to fit, simple for the patient to use and priced to be within the reach of a large segment of the patient population, including for patients covered under Medicare."

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Orthocare Innovations and the other 2012 Fierce 15 companies will be recognized today at AdvaMed 2012 -- The Med Tech Conference in Boston. A complete list of "Fierce 15" companies is available online at

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About Orthocare Innovations

Orthocare Innovations ( is a leading research, development and manufacturing company in the field of orthotics and prosthetics focused on commercializing advanced technologies to improve patient mobility. Building on proprietary sensor and actuation technologies, Orthocare Innovations is developing adaptive prosthetics that monitor, analyze and react in real-time to changes in patient physiology, alignment and gait. The company's product development approach is to produce products that are consistent with, and contribute to, evidenced-based practice demands for verifiable clinical efficacy and improved patient performance.

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