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NovaCentrix Acquires PChem Nano Conductive Ink Products
Date: Apr 02, 2014
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Featured firm in this article: NovaCentrix of Austin, TX

NovaCentrix and PChem Associates (formerly of Bensalem, PA) are pleased to announce NovaCentrix's acquisition of PChem's nano silver ink technology, IP and other key assets. The manufacturing of all PChem products will henceforth occur at the NovaCentrix facility, with the inks maintaining their PChem product designators. The new NovaCentrix products include rapid curing flexographic inks PFI-722 ×NovaCentrix NovaCentrix is exhibiting at Printed Electronics USA 2014 Santa Clara, CA, USA 19 - 20 Nov 2014 and PXI-4180, screen printable inks PSI-211 and PSI-219, and PSPI-700 spray ink. The new NovaCentrix inks enable cost effective products with superior conductivity through more efficient utilization of metals such as high-performance silver. Additionally, due to scaling efficiencies at NovaCentrix, the PChem inks are now available at reduced pricing.

"The PChem nano silver flexo and screen inks have been well known for offering the best conductivity at the lowest cost. The ability to offer the high-performance PChem products and technologies allows NovaCentrix to better meet the needs of our customers, and to address growing and emerging opportunities in the printed electronics space," said Charles Munson, NovaCentrix CEO and president. "Combined with our existing and soon-to-be-released Metalon-brand ink products, as well as the state-of-the-art PulseForge photonic curing tools, we are better positioned than ever before to serve our customers as a leader in the printed electronics community."

"We at PChem are very excited about the opportunity to combine our products and know-how with those of NovaCentrix," said Greg Jablonski. "Now as part of the world-class team at NovaCentrix, we can present a more stable and long-term product supply platform for our customers. Further, meshing PChem's novel ink technology with the NovaCentrix PulseForge photonic curing tools presents some very interesting future business possibilities in the rapidly growing printed electronics space. In addition, we anticipate being able to offer more competitive pricing because of the economy of scale that we will realize as a result of our joining with NovaCentrix."

Former PChem CEO Greg Jablonski has transitioned to a sales and business development role at NovaCentrix, and is initially directing the transition of PChem business accounts. Former PChem co-founder and chief formulator Mike Mastropietro previously joined the team at NovaCentrix, and will mark his one year anniversary in May as a senior chemist and applications engineer.

About NovaCentrix
NovaCentrix, based in Austin, Texas, is a leader in printed electronics manufacturing technologies. The state-of-the-art PulseForge® photonic curing tools dry, sinter, and anneal functional inks in milliseconds on low-temperature, flexible substrates such as paper and plastic. The tools process a wide array of metal-based conductive inks, as well as non-metallic and semiconductor inks, and are available with the integrated material and tool simulation package SimPulse™. NovaCentrix also offers high-performance, economical Metalon®conductive inks, including the innovative and award-winning ×ICI ICI copper-oxide reduction inks which work optimally with PulseForge tools. NovaCentrix also offers printing services with our in-house inkjet, screen, and flexographic presses.